Urban design manual


Have you ever looked around and thought that the make-up of our city - the placement of our buildings, public spaces, transportation systems and other amenities - just makes sense?

Our work includes both our natural and built spaces, blending architecture, landscape and planning practices together responsibly to make our urban areas unique, functional and attractive.

The urban design manual is a convenient, go-to resource for the development community, as well as residents, special-interest groups, city council and staff who are looking for details on our city's urban design guidelines and standards.

NEW: The City of Kitchener is undertaking a comprehensive update of the Urban Design Manual to reflect evolving expectations for the design of buildings and public spaces. 

2019 marks the year that City Staff are planning to bring Part A: Land Use and Built Form Urban Design Guidelines of the City’s Urban Design Manual to Council for approval.

As we move towards approval, the following represents an overview of the proposed timeline, outlining key milestones:

  • The Final Draft document has been posted
  • Additional public, stakeholder & internal consultation – February - May 2019
  • Final council approval - Fall 2019


Deadline for comments on the final draft document is April 1, 2019.

Note: this is a temporary document for review purposes and will be replaced with an accessible final document in September 2019. If you require this document in an accessible format, please contact Dayna Edwards.

Urban Design Manual

The full manual can be accessed through the following links:

PART A: Urban design guidelines

These guidelines apply to citywide design projects, such as building types (e.g. townhouses, mid-rise buildings, tall buildings), streetscapes and accessible features.

PART B: Design briefs

Detailed-design guidance fora specific types of development, area or land use, including:

PART C: Design standards

Design standards to assist developers and their agents in preparing development application submissions.

For more information, connect with one of our urban designers by email or by calling 519-741-2200, ext. 7324. To find the urban design planner for your neighbourhood, review our map.

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