Bright colours, palm trees, skylights and large picture windows, makes your trip to Lyle Hallman Pool a mini vacation.

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Contact information

Address: 600 Heritage Drive

Phone number: 519-741-2670


Monday to Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Sunday: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Lyle Hallman Pool will be closed on Monday, May 20.

Parking and transit

Free parking is available off Heritage Drive.

These Grand River Transit (GRT) routes stop near Lyle Hallman Pool:

  • route 23 on Ottawa Street North
  • route 204 on Ottawa Street North near Lackner Boulevard
  • route 205 on Ottawa Street North near McGee Avenue

GRT no longer offers paper bus tickets. Fare payment information is available on their website.

Bike racks are available at Lyle Hallman Pool.

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Swimming calendars

We offer these swimming programs:

  • adult swim
  • aqua cardio – deep water
  • aqua cardio – shallow water
  • aqua strength
  • family swim
  • lane swim
  • swirl swim
  • BE U Swim program

Use the links below to see upcoming swim times on a calendar:

Check our swim program descriptions page to learn more about a specific program.

Visit our registration dates page to find upcoming registration dates for swimming programs.

Find upcoming swimming programs and register a program on ActiveNet. On ActiveNet, look for the facility name Grand River Recreation Complex to register for programs at Lyle Hallman.

Register for a swim time

BE U Swim program

Dedicated swim times for trans and non-binary individuals, as well as their friends and family members to use our pools in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

During BE U Swims, we'll provide added privacy for everyone in attendance. Change rooms will be accessible to everyone, and all swimming attire is acceptable.

Open the accordions below to learn about each program and registration.

BE U Swim: lane and leisure swim (adults over 18)

Swim time for trans and non-binary community members, their friends, families and allies. This swim will include sections of the pool that are set aside for lane swimmers and people looking to swim or water walk or float at their own pace.

BE U Swim: open swim (all ages)

Swim time for trans and non-binary community members, children, family members, friends and allies. This swim is open for people of all ages to swim together.


Register for a BE U Swim time on ActiveNet. The swim times at Lyle Hallman Pool are open for drop-ins as well.

Register online

To ensure cost is not a barrier, supports are available through our leisure access program. Visit our Leisure Access page to learn more and apply.

Changing your registration

If you need to change your registration, please do so through ActiveNet or at the pool’s front desk:

  • single-visit programs: up to 11:59 p.m. the day before
  • swimming lessons: seven days before swimming lessons begin

Login to your account and select Transaction and Payment History. Find your swim, click the withdraw button and choose your refund method.

Swimming fees

You can purchase tickets at these pools:

NEW! Summer Splash Pass

Get a Summer Splash Pass and swim all summer long for one great price! Our Summer Splash Passes are valid from June 3 to September 2, 2024.

Pool guidelines apply.

This pass is good for recreational swims, for all ages, at indoor and outdoor pools, including:

  • public swims
  • family swims
  • women-only swims
  • Be U open swims


  • child and youth (ages 0 to 17): $32 + HST
  • adult (ages 18 to 54): $45 + HST
  • senior (ages 55+): $32 + HST

Get your Summer Splash Pass

NEW! Youth Month Swim Pass (May 1 to 31)

To celebrate Youth Month, we're offering FREE swim passes to Kitchener youth ages 12 to 24. With a Youth Month Swim Pass, you can enjoy recreational swims at any City of Kitchener indoor pool for the whole month of May!

Get a Youth Month Swim Pass


  • single: $6.62

  • 5 tickets: $31.47

  • 20 tickets: $119.24

  • 60 tickets: $317.97

  • 3-month pass: $213.72
  • daily pass: $10.62

Child (0-17) and senior (55+) 

  • single: $4.42

  • 5 tickets: $20.96

  • 20 tickets: $79.42

  • 60 tickets: $211.78

  • 3-month pass: $136.03
  • daily pass: $6.81


Maximum two adults and all their children under 17 years old in the same household.

  • single family admission: $15.06

  • 5 family admission tickets: $67.76

  • 3-month pass: $314.59
  • daily pass: $24.15

Apply for lower fees

Through our leisure access program, you can apply for lower fees for city-run programs. Find out if you're eligible and learn how to apply on our Leisure Access (fee assistance) page.

Get inclusion support

If you or your child has a disability, you can apply for an inclusion membership to get inclusion support. Support can include personal assistance for leisure activities (PAL).


Swimming lessons

Registration for spring 2024 swimming lessons and summer camps is open now.

Mark your calendars with these upcoming registration dates:

  • summer 2024 programs and swimming lessons: Tuesday, June 11
  • fall 2024 programs and swimming lessons: Tuesday, August 13

Register on ActiveNet

Visit our ActiveNet questions page to find answers to common questions or watch our YouTube video to learn more about searching on ActiveNet.

Pools may open up more class spaces or times closer to the start of each session. If there are no spaces available when you check ActiveNet, add yourself to a waitlist or visit ActiveNet closer to when the session starts to check if there are new spaces available.

Pool guidelines

Open the accordions below to learn about our pool guidelines.

Age requirements

For swim admission purposes, a caregiver is defined as someone 12 years or older, responsible for the child.

A swimmer to caregiver ratio defines the number of swimmers that can be supervised by a caregiver. Example: (4:1 ratio) means four swimmers can be supervised by one caregiver.

  • under 10 years old: requires supervision
  • under 7 years old: must be within arm’s reach of the caregiver in the shallow end (2:1 ratio)
  • 7 to 9 years who have not passed a swim test: must be within arm’s reach of the caregiver in the shallow end (4:1 ratio) or (8:1 ratio) if all swimmers are wearing lifejackets.
    • lifejackets may need to be supplied by swimmers as there is a limited supply at each facility
    • lifejackets may not be available at all programs
    • lifejackets must be the appropriate size for the swimmer and approved by Transport Canada
    • water wings, puddle jumpers or any other floatation devices are not acceptable as lifejackets
  • 7 to 9 years who have passed a swim test: may swim unaccompanied as long as a caregiver remains in the pool environment to supervise.
Deep end and swimmer safety
An aquatic staff member may request any swimmer attempts a swim test at any time. To ensure the safety of all swimmers, if at any point a swimmer exhibits any signs that they are tired or weak, aquatic staff may ask them to leave any deep area of a pool and return to the shallow area to attempt a swim test. This also includes anyone over the age of 10. It is up to the lifeguards on duty to allow swimmers to return to the deep area.
Proper bathing attire
Proper bathing attire must be clean and used specifically for the purposes of bathing. It should not constrict bather mobility in the water.

Swim admission test

To provide a safe and enjoyable aquatic environment, we've established a facility swim test standard to help evaluate participants’ swimming ability. This test is used in conjunction with the Wristband Identification Program.

Open the accordions below to learn about the swim admission test.

Swim test assessment

The requirements of the patron are to demonstrate comfort in the water and swim on their front for 20 metres in the designated swim test area of the pool. The swim test will also include a change in direction.

To properly assess a participant’s swimming ability, aquatic staff must observe the following during the swim test:

  • no touching of the bottom or wall of the pool
  • completion of the entire distance comfortably and confidently
  • swimmer’s body must be positioned horizontal and near the surface
  • continuous swimming with no stopping or resting at any point
  • strong forward movement throughout
  • an open water change of direction
  • swimmer’s ability to submerge face under water
  • swimmer’s ability to take a breath while swimming
Swim Card

Children between 7 and 9 years old, who successfully complete the swim test, will receive a swim test card. Swimmers must present their swim test cards to receive a green band before admission to a recreation swim.

Wristband Identification Program

Upon entry to a pool, visitors 0 to 9 years old will be given a coloured wristband to help staff identify their swimming ability. The colours are defined as follows:

Red band

  • children 0 to 6 years old must be accompanied and within arm’s reach of caregiver.
  • caregiver ratio 2:1

Yellow band

  • children 7 to 9 years old are assumed to be non-swimmers and must be accompanied and within arm’s reach of caregiver
  • caregiver ratio 4:1 without lifejackets
  • caregiver ratio 8:1 with lifejackets for all children

Green band

  • children 7 to 9 years old who have passed the Swim Admission Test may swim unaccompanied
  • caregiver must remain in the pool environment to supervise.

Blue band

  • all swimmers 10 years and older will get a blue wristband to show that they have paid admission to the pool

Pool closures and weather policy

Pool closures during a program

If staff need to close the pool during a program, we’ll issue a credit in these ways:

  • pre-registered programs: credit to ActiveNet account
  • drop-in programs: complimentary pass, see pool entrance staff

We will not issue refunds or credits if you choose to leave due to light rain or cool weather.

Weather policy

For your safety, we’ll close the pool in these situations:

  • heavy rainfall
  • lightning or thunder

We will keep the pool will remain closed for 30 minutes after staff hear the last bolt or lightning or sound of thunder.

If in doubt, call us to check if we are open.


Use your own phone, tablet or computer with our free Wi-Fi. Choose the “Kitchener Public WiFi” network and follow the instructions that show up.

Visit our Digital Kitchener page to find online safety resources.


You can rent rooms at Grand River Recreation Complex for meetings or events. Room rates are per hour and include HST. Capacities include chairs only. If tables are required, the capacity will be less.

  • meeting room – seating capacity 30 people - $21.57 per hour, including HST
  • Oktoberfest Lions Hall – seating capacity 175 people - $60.03 per hour, including HST

Note that when booked after business hours a three hour minimum rental is required and additional staff charges will apply.

Depending on the nature of your event other rental costs can include:

  • Resound and SOCAN fees
  • insurance
  • licensing

If you're interested in booking this facility or getting a more detailed quote, please complete the inquiry form to tell us more about your event. Staff will confirm the details of your event with you before finalizing the booking.

In the neighbourhood

Lyle Hallman Pool is a part of Grand River Recreational Complex.

Grand River Stanley Park Community Library is located at 175 Indian Road and the Grand River Arena is located at 555 Heritage Drive. You need to cross Heritage Drive to get to the library and arena from Lyle Hallman Pool.

Rosenburg Park has two baseball diamonds, which you can book for private use. Check our field conditions page to see if the diamonds are open.