Watermains deliver safe, clean water to our community. The system has more than 900 kilometres of pipe. Watermain breaks occasionally occur due to a variety of factors including corrosion, age and frost.

To report a watermain break, call 519-741-2529.

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  1. Report a watermain break
  2. Current watermain breaks
  3. My water is not running
  4. Watermain repair

Report a watermain break

If a hole or crack develops in a watermain, the water finds its way to the surface and continues to flow until repaired.

If you think there’s a watermain break in your neighbourhood, look for:

  • water pooling or flowing above ground
  • reduced water pressure in your home

If you suspect there is a break in your neighbourhood contact Kitchener Utilities at 519-741-2529.

Current watermain breaks

You can find information about current watermain breaks on the Kitchener Utilities website. If a current issue in your neighbourhood isn’t on the list, call 519-741-2529 to make sure our team is aware.

My water is not running

If we need to turn your water off for an emergency repair, you may receive little or no notice.

When a watermain repair is complete, brown or cloudy water may come from the tap. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it is completely normal.

Run a cold water tap for several minutes until it becomes clear before drinking it or using appliances that draw water.

Watermain repair

Watermain maintenance and repair is one of the most critical services we provide to Kitchener residents, ensuring that there is always safe water available when you turn on a tap.

Learn more about how we repair and maintain watermains.