Our goal is to provide the highest level of fire protection services to our community in a cost-effective manner. This combination results in the best value possible for our residents and our city. Our 2017-2022 Fire Master Plan (FMP) lays out the steps to achieving this goal.

The FMP is a five-year plan that guides better decision making in:

  • public education
  • fire safety standards and enforcement
  • emergency response

We developed our FMP with residents and stakeholders. The FMP considers the needs of our community today and into the future. 

The city funds the plan through existing resources using:

  • development charge allocation
  • revenue generating opportunities
  • cost recovery initiatives
  • reprioritized existing funding

To carry out the goals in our FMP, we plan to:

  • better use technology to reduce response times and make Kitchener Fire more efficient and effective
  • improve public education by creating a dedicated team focused on this activity, using existing staff
  • cross train specific staff to allow broader application of their skills across multiple roles (for example, suppression personnel also conducting inspections in low and moderate risk occupancies)

We also know that improving our efficiency will be central to our success. Between now and 2022, we will:

  • look to develop business opportunities that will generate revenue
  • continue to invest in our people by enhancing wellness and fitness activities that ensure mental and physical well-being and resiliency of staff
  • continue to build an inclusive and diverse workforce by increasing awareness of existing programs and encouraging the development of programs that will appeal to those not typically attracted to the fire service (example: female firefighter program)

Read the Fire Master Plan executive summary or read the full Fire Master Plan with appendices.