Proper management of our local stormwater is one of the ways we're putting the environment first in our city.

Since 2001, we have taken a streamlined approach to ensuring stormwater is managed effectively and responsibly to help protect our local water sources, as well as our own infrastructure.

Over the past decade, key federal, provincial, regional and local policies, guidelines and regulations have either been created or changed - requiring us to expand our policy and develop an integrated stormwater master plan.

Our master plan includes guidelines and policies that dictate how we're going to manage stormwater over the next 15 years. The plan prioritizes our work and provides a means for us to estimate future stormwater requirements and costs.

In tandem, we also developed an implementation plan to guide us in executing the master plan.

Plan development and community consultation

The process of developing our integrated master plan included six major tasks:

  • Study area characterization
  • Analysis and assessment of stormwater system
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Preferred stormwater strategy
  • Implementation plan
  • Stormwater master plan report

We developed our integrated stormwater master plan in close consultation with the community, which included public open houses to present the elements of our then-proposed plan:

The final report to the community and infrastructure services committee is available on LaserFiche. Please send us an email to access the full master plan documents.