Our residents play an active role in our decisions related to local issues. We share information, consult on specific projects and encourage people to get involved as we develop policies, strategies and plans.

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  1. About community engagement
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About community engagement

We believe an engaged community is a happy community. You play an important role in our decision-making process. We regularly engage our residents, local businesses and community organizations through:

  • sharing information
  • consultation on specific projects
  • ongoing participation in the development of city policies, strategies and plans for strategic investments


Our online community engagement system is called EngageKitchener. There, you’ll find the projects we're looking for input on, as well as updates on recent engagement. You can register or participate anonymously.

If you want to be notified about new opportunities as they become available, create an account!

Engagement practices

We regularly reach out to understand how our efforts are working, identify any challenges and new opportunities. These suggestions become the basis of our community engagement practices.

For more information, read our community engagement policy.