We offer affordable public parking lots, garages and free on-street two-hour street parking spaces in downtown Kitchener and around Grand River Hospital. Learn about your different options below.

On this page:

  1. Parking updates
  2. Pay for monthly parking
  3. Pay for hourly parking
  4. Parking bylaws
  5. Accessible parking
  6. Car share
  7. Bike parking
  8. Electric vehicle charging

Parking updates

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June 2023

Our new licence plate recognition system is now available at the Civic Centre and Duke & Ontario parking garages. It will be available at more garages as we phase out the transponder system.

Depending on how you park, more information is available on our hourly parking and monthly parking pages.

If you have paid monthly parking through your employer, they will contact you about your next steps when the new system is available at your lot or garage.

Pay for monthly parking

If you need to park downtown or around Grand River Hospital on a regular basis, apply for a monthly parking permit.

Pay for hourly parking

There are many hourly parking options in downtown Kitchener and around Grand River Hospital. Find a place to park, then pay for hourly parking from your phone or a kiosk.

Parking bylaws

Visit our parking bylaws page to find:

  • street parking bylaws
  • boulevard parking rules

Request an exemption to park in a legal parking spot overnight between December 1 and March 31.

Accessible parking

Accessible parking is available in all of our parking lots and garages except for Queen Street North and Scott Street.

Look for the icon below to find accessible parking spots.

Blue icon with a wheelchair for accessible parking. 

Car share

Communauto offers car share spots in these parking lots:

  • Water Street South
  • Queen Street South

Look for the icon below to find a Communauto car share spot.

Green icon with logo of Communauto showing car share.

Bike parking

Visit our bike parking page to request access to locked bike parking areas inside all parking garages.

There are many bike racks downtown where you can park your bike. If you see the icon below on a sign at one of our parking lots, there is free bike parking available.

Green icon with a bike and P to show bike parking.

Electric vehicle charging

You can charge your electric vehicle at any of our parking garages. There is also an electric vehicle charging station on-street on Francis Street at the corner of Joseph Street.

Look for the icon below to find electric vehicle charging.

Blue icon with an electric vehicle charger.