We plan to build a new multi-purpose indoor recreation complex at RBJ Schlegel Park. Learn about this project below.

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About the Kitchener Indoor Recreation Complex (KIRC)

In 2019, as a part of our Leisure Facilities Master Plan, Kitchener city council approved the construction of a new indoor pool and indoor turf facility, which were identified as the top two recreation priorities based on community needs. The proposed Kitchener Indoor Recreation Complex (KIRC), to be built at RBJ Schlegel Park, will bring those needs, as well as other amenities, to our community.

Staff brought a staff report and consultants' report to council outlining the target cost and design for the Kitchener Indoor Recreation Complex which was unanimously supported by city council and ratified on April 8, 2024. Construction on the recreation complex will begin in May 2024, and the facility is scheduled to open in the summer of 2026. 

Public engagement

From 2019 to 2022, we conducted substantial public and stakeholder engagement through interviews, workshops, feedback forms, focus groups and online surveys with sports groups and members of the public. All of the information collected helped identify community recreation priorities, which in turn informed the business case for the design and build of the Kitchener Indoor Recreation Complex (KIRC). 

As things move forward with the construction of KIRC, there will be more public engagement opportunities focused on programming needs and some of the more detailed design options that the project team may require input on. This engagement is expected to be launched starting the summer/fall of 2024 and will continue for many months.

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Project updates

We will share project updates below.

May 2024

On May 31, 2024, we hosted a groundbreaking event to launch the start of construction of the new Kitchener Indoor Recreation Complex at RBJ Schlegel Park. Construction of the facility started in June 2024, and is expected to open in the summer of 2026.

Check out the photo gallery of the groundbreaking event below.

Photo Gallery: KIRC groundbreaking event will appear here on the public site.


The facility, which will become Kitchener’s premier indoor recreation destination, will include the following amenities, all of which are planned and designed to support a greater diversity of sports and physical activities in the community:

  • a FIFA-sized indoor turf fieldhouse divided into four individual fields that can be used for soccer, cricket, lacrosse and more
  • an indoor pool area that includes both a leisure pool and a lane pool
  • viewing galleries for the pool area
  • an indoor walking track around the perimeter of the indoor turf facility
  • an indoor cricket batting cage
  • multipurpose rooms for community events, parties and other rentals

The proposed designs for KIRC also include room for a gymnasium addition in the future.

The floor plan below shows the proposed facility, as well as the site for the future gymnasium.

Floor plan of the proposed Kitchener Indoor Recreation Complex showing the location of the aquatic centre, gymnasium, field house, multi-purpose spaces, staff/tenant spaces, building service spaces and circulation

Community benefits

Our proposal for KIRC is to create a facility that will serve as Kitchener’s premier recreation destination while also being an inclusive and welcoming space for all community members.

By design, KIRC will:

  • meet current and future recreation needs of the community: KIRC will provide much-needed pool and indoor turf programming space, with plans to expand the facility with an additional gym in the future
  • support the recreation needs of equity-deserving residents: KIRC will offer a greater diversity of recreation options to residents that are affordable and tailored to specific populations
  • support recreation as a family experience: KIRC will prioritize the experience of parents and family members in the design of spectator and viewing areas
  • support the sustainability goals for a greener city: we will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of this facility by design and through operation


If approved, KIRC will be our first net-zero carbon building and one of the most sustainable recreation facilities in Canada. The KIRC project is pursuing certification under the Canada Green Building Council Zero Carbon Building Standard v3 – Design (ZCB – Design), which is the highest level of certification for zero carbon building standards in Canada.

The plans for KIRC include a geothermal heating and cooling system, as well as our largest array of solar panels. These features will reduce 22 tonnes of carbon annually and save us close to $100,000 in utility costs every year.

Visit our corporate sustainability page to learn about our commitment to climate action.

Budget and finances

If approved by Council, the total budget for KIRC is $144 million. Construction of the new recreation facility will be funded through a previously announced grant from the federal and provincial governments, as well as development charge revenues, meaning the construction of this facility will have no impact on municipal taxes.

In addition, the planned sustainability features will save us close to $100,000 in utility costs every year.

Read the staff report and consultants' report for more information.

Budget overview

Construction costs $124M
Contingencies $6.6M
Soft costs/Owner costs $10.5M
HST (1.76%) $2.5M
Total $144M

Costs have been rounded.

Photo and video renderings

See inside the proposed facility with these digital renderings:

Turf fieldhouse – lower floor

Watch this video to see a rendering of the main entrance, lobby and lower floor of the turf fieldhouse:


Watch this video to see a rendering of 25m lane pool and leisure/programming pool:

Photo gallery

The photo gallery below includes renderings of the facility:

Photo Gallery: KIRC renderings will appear here on the public site.