There are so many reasons our employees enjoy and appreciate working here, and so many others want to join our team - it's tough to narrow them down!

Watch the video below to learn about Team Kitchener and working for the city.

Keep reading to learn the top reasons our staff want to stay with us, and continue to attract new talent to our organization.

Reason 1: The People Plan

A strategy for supporting our employees and ensuring we are continually living up to the ideal corporate culture described in "This is Where We Want to Work." Check out the People Plan and see if this is where you want to work too.

Reason 2: Let's Talk: Employee-manager communication sessions

You'll never have to guess how you're doing on the job. Employees and their managers sit down to talk twice a year about performance and development opportunities.

Reason 3: Health and safety

We place great importance on personal, organizational and community health, safety and well-being to help ensure you're at your best - at work and at home.

Reason 4: The people

All kinds of people; all kinds of potential. Here, you'll work with people who are free-thinking, innovative, dynamic -- and in need of a challenge.

Reason 5: Flexible work hours and telework

We offer alternatives to the traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday in some areas. You may also be able to work from home occasionally, with access to your desktop and files.

Reason 6: The benefits

It's an important mission - recruiting and keeping the right people, and taking good care of them. We offer a comprehensive benefits package.

Reason 7: K-Hub

It's a single internal platform for sharing ideas, and collaborating on projects. It's a trusted, go-to source for information, services, news and resources in real time.

Reason 8: The employee advisory committee (EAC)

A cross-departmental committee of staff that proactively deals with employee concerns and questions.

Reason 9: Employee assistance program

A free, confidential benefit, enabling employees to seek counselling on a broad range of personal and work-related concerns.

Reason 10: Wellness programs

We foster and encourage work-life balance. Our wellness programs inspire and educate employees on how they can build and maintain a healthy lifestyle on the job and at home, and help create a culture of safety and well being.

Reason 11: Training and development

If you succeed, we succeed. We support personal and professional development of our employees by offering a wide range of learning opportunities.

Reason 12: Statutory holidays

City employees enjoy more statutory holidays than many corporations, including Easter Monday, Remembrance Day and the Civic Holiday in August. We also provide Family Day and an additional floater holiday.

Reason 13: Opportunities for advancement

We want to ensure the right people are available for the right jobs, in the right places, and at the right times. Through succession planning and career-path planning, employees can continually develop their careers.

Reason 14: Recognition programs

We find ways to celebrate, express appreciation and recognize individual and team contributions, as well as the contributions of long-serving employees.

Reason 15: Opportunities to get involved

Whether you're jamming on stage at Rock Revival, part of a social committee, or helping to select new training programs for your fellow employees - there are lots of opportunities to get involved here!

Reason 16: Self-funded leaves of absence

Ever think about taking a few months - or even a year off? We offer self-funded leaves of absence of three months to one year in length.

Reason 17: Diversity

We all add value - and we are committed to creating a culture of inclusion that reflects the diversity of our community, and serves as a place where everyone can reach their full potential.

Reason 18: Dress-down Fridays

Last year, wearing jeans on Friday really paid off! City employees donated more than $75,000 to charity through our dress-down day program.

Reason 19: PC purchase plan

We offer interest-free loans to permanent full-time and part-time employees who want to purchase a personal computer.

Reason 20: RRSPs and Canada Savings Bonds

We offer automatic payroll deductions for the Canada Savings Bonds program, as well as our employee savings and retirement savings plans offered in partnership with a leading Canadian financial services company.