How to apply for a business licence by mail
If you’re opening a business in Kitchener, you may need a business licence.

Before you start the application process, learn:

You can apply for a business licence by mail. Subscribe to this page to get an email when we start accepting in-person applications.

Internet-connected device and printer if filling out a paper form.
Find the application form and fill it out

If your business needs a licence, you can find the application form on our website.

If your business type is not on that page, send us an email or call 519-741-2275.

You can either:

  • fill out the form on your computer and print it off
  • print off the form and fill it out by hand

You may need a police record check or other documents before you can apply for a business licence. Review the form to see what you need to include in your application.

Send your application to staff
Send your completed application, payment and required documents by mail to:

Licensing Services
200 King Street West
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4G7

You can also put the application in the drop box on Young Street outside City Hall. Please address the application to Licensing Services.

We accept payment by:

  • cheque (payable to City of Kitchener)
  • bank draft
  • money order
Staff review and approval
We will review your application and contact you if there is any missing information.

We will work with you to schedule any inspections needed for your application.

After any inspections are complete and your application is approved, you will get the licence in the mail. This process usually takes two to three weeks. You must display this licence in a visible place in your business.

Renew your licence each year
We send out business licence renewal notices in mid-January. If you’re scheduled for a renewal, look for your notice in the mail.

You may need to request annual inspections. These forms will be in your renewal package.

Almost all business licences expire on March 31. Your expiry date is on your business licence. If you have any questions, send us an email or call 519-741-2275.