Activa Sportsplex has two arenas and a free walking track. Rent one of our spaces for your next event or come out for a jog!

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  1. COVID-19 updates
  2. Proof of vaccination
  3. Contact information
  4. Arenas
  5. Walking track
  6. Track guidelines
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COVID-19 updates

Most City of Kitchener indoor and outdoor facilities are open for limited public use

Visit our COVID-19 updates page to learn what's open and closed as well as how city services are affected.

Proof of vaccination

Individuals entering a City of Kitchener recreation facility or community centre must show proof of vaccination via a paper or electronic copy of their vaccine record as well as identification. Some exceptions apply. Learn more.  

You can print or download your vaccination receipt from the provincial booking portal.

Contact information

Address: 135 Lennox Lewis Way

Phone number: 519-741-2699

Email Activa Sportsplex


Both arenas in the Activa Sportsplex have 17,000 square foot (85’ x 200’) playing surfaces:

  • Kitchener Minor Hockey Association (KMHA) Alumni Arena
  • Patrick J. Doherty Arena

Walking track

The Lyle S. Hallman Foundation indoor walking track offers a safe place to go for a run, jog or walk all year long.

Access to the walking track is free. The track is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

Due to COVID-19, all visitors must book a walking visit at the track:

Book a walking visit at the Lyle S. Hallman walking track

Please do not come for a walk if you:

  1. have a fever, new cough, shortness of breath or a combination of muscle aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat or runny nose
  2. have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days
  3. have been in close contact with a person with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19

To all others, please wash your hands or use sanitizer before and after every visit and maintain physical distancing of 2 metres.

If you have further questions, please speak with the Facility Ambassador on duty or send us an email.

Track dimensions

The lengths of each lane are:

  • inside lane: 536 feet, 162.4 metres
  • middle lane: 555 feet, 168.2 metres
  • outside lane: 574 feet, 174 metres

One kilometre on each lane is:

  • inside lane: 6.2 laps
  • middle lane: 6 laps
  • outside lane: 5.75 laps

One mile on each lane is:

  • inside lane: 9.9 laps
  • middle lane: 9.5 laps
  • outside lane: 9.2 laps

Track guidelines

You must come prepared to participate with your walking clothes on. You may change your shoes when you arrive at track level. There are no change rooms or showers available. Washrooms are open at track level with limited capacity protocols in place.

When you arrive

Only those participants registered will be permitted inside the building. You must remain in the designated drop-in space and cannot wander throughout the building.

When visiting the track, please gather, physically distanced at the main entrance 10 minutes before your scheduled time slot.

Staff will review the protocols, ensure you are on the registration list and direct you up the stairs to track level or via the elevator (1 person at a time only).

Safety measures

  • physical distancing protocols must always be maintained in the building
  • provincial regulation and regional bylaw requires the wearing of masks inside City of Kitchener facilities, including while in the common areas and while walking on the track
  • please bring your own filled water bottle
  • there are limited bottle refilling stations open if you need to refill your water bottle
  • the track is for walking only, please do not run or jog

Walking guidelines

  • follow the posted walking direction
  • always walk in single file while maintaining a physical distance of 2m/6ft unless from the same household
  • do not stand in the walking zone, always keep moving
  • always pass to the person's right side

Lanes are designated for your safety:

  • lane 1 (inside lane): walking
  • lane 3 (outside lane): provided to permit proper distancing when passing slower participants
  • lane 2 will not be available in order to maintain physical distancing

Strollers are permitted on the indoor track but must remain single file in the inner most lane only.

Personal item storage

Chairs will be provided in the upper lobby to place personal items such as a water bottle, coat, etc. Please place your items on your specific designated area only. Leave valuables at home, the City of Kitchener is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Food, drinks and other items

  • leave food and beverages outside of the track area
  • you can bring a water bottle into the track area
  • do not spit water in the track area
  • leave equipment outside of the track area, including:
    • skipping ropes, medicine balls, floor mats and other items


  • the track is for recreational use only
  • you cannot reserve the track for private use
  • we do not allow spectators into the track area


  • stay on the inside track if you have a stroller
  • if you're traveling in a group, please stay in a single-file line


  • children under the age of 13 must have an adult present
  • teams using the track must have an adult coach or manager present
  • city staff choose the music playing in the track


  • headphones must be worn when listening to music

Questions about guidelines

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please ask a staff member at Activa Sportsplex.



Use your own phone, tablet or computer with our free Wi-Fi. Choose the “Kitchener Public WiFi” network and follow the instructions that show up.


If you want to rent one of our arenas or other spaces, send us an email.