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The Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts is a vibrant and dynamic cultural space in the heart of downtown Kitchener. The 24,000 square foot performing arts facility, located at 36 King Street West, includes a flexible 300-seat theatre, versatile rehearsal hall, four dressing rooms and a green room.

The Manfred and Penny Conrad Family Foundation generously donated the Conrad Centre to the City of Kitchener in 2021 to support performing arts in the community.

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Facility details

These facilities are available at the Conrad Centre:

Warnock MacMillan Theatre

The Warnock MacMillan Theatre offers comfortable seating, flexible configuration, excellent sightlines, and an outstanding atmosphere for theatrical, musical or dance performances. The theatre is equipped with professional standard acoustic treatments:

  • The lighting grid consists of a general house plot with ten ETC Source 4’s to be used as specials, as needed.
  • The theatre is equipped with a state-of-the-art Meyer UPJ-1P speaker system processed by a Meyer Galileo 408. The mixer is an Allen and Heath GLD-80 digital sound console with digital snake.
  • The theatre features a Christie Digital 10K projector along with a Kramer VP728 Video Switcher & 16X9 aspect ratio motorized screen (projector available in Thrust configuration only).
  • The theatre features a sprung floor, providing the ideal surface for showcasing all styles of dance performances.

PLEASE NOTE: The option to configure the theatre may be dependent on other users who may be using the space within a 24-hour period.

ConfigurationStage length *Stage width *HeightSeating capacityMaximum room occupancy
Thrust configuration 30' 30' 20' 310 400
Proscenium ** 32' 34' 20' 310 400
Black box ** 79'10" 56'5" 20' 400 400

* the stage length and width are variable, depending on whether additional seating has been set out. Height is measured to the lightning grip where present.

** the default seating configuration of the theatre is Thrust position. The theatre can be adjusted to any of the other configurations listed above for an associated fee.


The rental of the Warnock MacMillan Theatre also includes four dressing rooms, two of which have large change rooms and are each equipped with a shower, washrooms and lockers. A “green room” and an office space with internet access are also available for use during the rental period.

Blair Rehearsal Hall

The Blair Rehearsal Hall is suitable for rehearsals, dance or music classes, readings, receptions, lectures and other intimate gatherings. It can comfortably accommodate up to a total of 100 people (75 seated). It offers a footprint that mirrors the Warnock MacMillan Theatre, with the following features:

  • 13’ high ceilings
  • a sprung floor
  • a 35’ long mirrored wall

The space has these dimensions:

  • stage length: 39'10"
  • stage width: 35'7"
  • height: 13'

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Photo gallery

Get a sense of the space using the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: Conrad Centre will appear here on the public site.