Kitchener’s zoning bylaw states exactly how land can be used and where buildings and other structures can be located. It also determines the types of buildings that are allowed and how they may be used.

On this page: 

  1. Our zoning bylaws
  2. Zoning bylaw 85-1
  3. Zoning bylaw 2019-051
  4. Proposed amendments to zoning bylaw 2019-051

Our zoning bylaws

The zoning bylaw sets out rules on the size and dimensions of property lots, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street.

Kitchener currently has two zoning bylaws: 

  • zoning bylaw 85-1
  • zoning bylaw 2019-051

The 2019-051 bylaw is being updated through the Comprehensive Review of the Zoning Bylaw (CRoZBy) project. Stage 1 of the review is complete.

To find out which zoning bylaws currently apply to a property and how it is zoned, enter the address into our online zoning map.

If you would like to change a permitted use for your property or adjust how it is configured, you can request a zoning bylaw amendment.

Zoning bylaw 85-1

Currently applies to all properties in the City of Kitchener. Stage 1 of a new zoning bylaw has been approved and subsequent stages are pending.

Zoning bylaw 2019-051

On April 29, 2019 council passed Stage 1 of Kitchener’s new zoning bylaw. It is currently under appeal. Stage 1 includes the framework of the document, definitions, general regulations, parking requirements and every zoning section with the exception of residential and urban growth centre (downtown).

The lands to which Stage 1 of Zoning By-law 2019-051 applies are contained in Appendix A.

Proposed amendments to zoning bylaw 2019-51

The following amendments have been proposed for the new zoning bylaw: