Your leaf collection or drop-off options depend on where you live in Kitchener. Use our online tool to find your options and collection date.

Check your leaf options

On this page: 

  1. Leaf collection options
  2. Mulching and composting
  3. Yard waste
  4. Leaf drop-off sites
  5. Curbside collection
  6. Keep streets safe and prevent flooding

Leaf collection options

Watch the video below to learn about your leaf collection options:

Mulching and composting

Leaves still have lots of value to offer the environment after they fall. Dry leaves are a carbon-rich ingredient for your compost pile that you can re-use to enrich your garden and soil.

Here’s what you can do to re-use leaves at home:

  • empty your lawn mower’s bagging unit and mowing it over again creates a mulch to fertilize your lawn
  • rake whole leaves onto your garden beds to feed earthworms and promote growth
  • wait until the ground freezes before mulching, this keeps soil frozen during mild spells, protecting your plants
  • add dry leaves to your compost pile – alternate layers of leaves and kitchen waste

Yard waste

You can use the Region of Waterloo bagged yard waste program for your leaves. Check your neighbourhood schedule for when your yard waste collection week is.

Leaf drop-off sites

We operate eight leaf drop-off sites. Drop off sites are in neighbourhoods across Kitchener and will be open seven days a week during daylight hours from Friday, October 13 to Friday, December 8.

Our drop-off sites are:

Drop-off sites are for leaves only (no yard or household waste). The following guidelines apply to these sites:

  • if you are using bags to transport your leaves to a drop off site, empty your leaves loose and take your bags with you. No bags, including paper yard waste bags will be accepted at the drop off sites.
  • any other materials left at drop off locations are considered illegal dumping and will be subject to a fine. City staff will monitor the drop off sites and take a zero-tolerance approach with offenders
  • commercial haulers are not permitted on the leaf drop off sites

Curbside collection

We collect loose leaves in neighbourhoods with significant tree cover on a set schedule. Just like garbage collection, each neighbourhood has a designated week for pick-up.  

Check our leaf collection schedule to find your collection options and pick-up dates.

When raking leaves to the road for curbside collection, please:

  • don’t rake your leaves to the road any earlier then the weekend before your collection date. If raking earlier, only rake leaves to the boulevard or your lawn and move them onto the street on your collection date
  • ensure leaves are raked out before 7 a.m. on your collection date
  • never rake leaves onto a storm drain. Storm drains drain stormwater and prevent flooding.

The curbside collection schedule is based on weather conditions. Historically, winter conditions including freezing temperatures and snow fall happens in December, so leaf collection is scheduled in November. Snow fall makes raking and leaf collection more challenging for residents and staff.

If more leaves have fallen after your scheduled collection week, you can use our leaf drop-off sites until December 10 or the Region’s yard waste program.

Keep streets safe and prevent flooding

Please do not rake or blow leaves onto:

  • storm drains
  • sidewalks
  • bike lanes

Raking or blowing leaves onto the street or sidewalk can create a safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists and can cause flooding if a storm drain is blocked.

If you see a blocked storm drain, call 519-741-2345.