Each year, city council adopts a final budget and sets a tax rate to pay for city programs and services. The city also bills property taxes on behalf of the Region of Waterloo and local school boards.

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Components of your tax bill

Property taxes - comprised of residential, commercial, industrial and other tax classes - are our main source of revenue. They allow us to provide the important municipal programs and services you value and expect.

Your property tax bill is made up of three main components:

  1. Municipal taxes: The tax rate to cover the costs of supplying municipal services is based on city council's adoption of our annual budget. Revenues from provincial grants, user fees and other sources are deducted from the total expenditures, resulting in a final amount that needs to be raised through taxation.
  2. Regional taxes: These taxes are based on the tax rate adopted by the Region of Waterloo. This portion is remitted to the Region to support their role in supplying various services including public transit, waste management, housing and shelter and public health and emergency services.
  3. Education taxes: This tax rate is set by the Province of Ontario and remitted to the local school board you support.

Municipal taxes pay for services that make Kitchener a great place to live, work and play.

Tax rates

Use the links below to see detailed tax breakdowns from the past four years:

Visit our budget page to see current and past years’ budgets.

Due dates

Find tax due dates on our paying your taxes page.

Property tax calculator

Calculate the property taxes for your home using this tool:

Property tax calculator

Paying your taxes

Visit our paying your taxes page for the different payment methods you can use.


If you are buying a new home or selling your home, call us at 519-741-2450. We will need the following information:

  • Property address and roll number
  • Legal closing date
  • Full legal names of all those on title
  • Contact information including home, business and cell numbers
  • Mailing instructions
  • Name of the lawyer acting on your behalf