Bylaws help make sure Kitchener remains a place we’re all proud to call home. Our city rules allow us to maintain a high standard of safety and respect for our community, and each other.

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  2. Bylaw guide
  3. Bylaws at home
  4. Noise
  5. Backyard chickens
  6. Dog licensing
  7. Parking bylaws
  8. Idling
  9. Property standards
  10. Snow removal
  11. Building permits
  12. Zoning bylaw
  13. Fence bylaw

Report a problem

Neighbourhood bylaw guide

Our neighbourhood bylaw guide includes tips and information on many of our bylaws and related issues, such as:

  • fences
  • fireworks
  • parking regulations
  • property standards
  • snow events

Bylaws at home

Visit our bylaws at home page to learn about:

  • outdoor fireplaces
  • backyard chickens
  • fireworks safety


Our noise bylaw is in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The bylaw limits excessive noise, including: 

  • yelling 
  • loud music, radio or TV 
  • other unusual noise

City council may grant events exemption from our noise bylaws. Noise exemptions last until 11 p.m. Check the list of approved noise exemptions.

To make a noise complaint, call the Waterloo Regional Police Services non-emergency line at 519-570-9777 (WRPS).

Backyard chickens

You can keep up to four chickens in outdoor coops. Learn more on our backyard chickens page.

Dog licensing

The Humane Society handles dog licensing under our bylaw. Visit our dog licensing and registration page to learn more about the process and cost.

Parking bylaws

Visit our parking bylaws page to learn about:

  • where you can and cannot park
  • street parking
  • boulevard parking
  • snow events
  • overnight parking exemptions

If you get a parking ticket, you can pay or dispute it.


Our anti-idling bylaw says that you must turn off your vehicle after three consecutive minutes of idling, unless in traffic.

If the temperature inside a vehicle is above 27°C or below 5°C, this bylaw does not apply.

Please avoid idling and shut off your vehicle:

  • during pick-ups or drop-offs 
  • while warming up your vehicle
  • when waiting for someone
  • for personal comfort or when listening to the radio
  • when parking illegally

For more information, read the full council report.

Property standards

We outline property standards to keep Kitchener safe and comfortable for all residents. These standards include:

  • safe structures that are free of water leaks and damage
  • properly maintained heating, plumbing and mechanical systems
  • proper ceiling heights, ventilation and potable water

Learn more on our property standards page.

Snow removal

We clear snow and ice from roads, sidewalks around city-owned facilities, walkways and in parks. You are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks around your property to bare pavement.

Learn more on our snow removal page.

Building permits

Our bylaws outline what projects you need a building permit to complete. Visit our building permits page to learn more.

Zoning bylaw

We have two zoning bylaws:

  • Zoning bylaw 85-1 (in force and effect)
  • Zoning bylaw 2019-051 (council approved, under appeal)

Learn about our zoning bylaws or the Comprehensive Review of the Zoning Bylaw (CRoZBy).

Fence bylaw

If your fence does not meet the requirements of our fence bylaw, you can make an application for a variance request.

Learn more about the fence variance process.