Our Building Youth Leadership Development (BYLD) gives young people aged 12 to 15 the opportunity to learn leadership skills, responsibility and self-confidence.

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Register for BYLD

Registration for BYLD opens at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 19.

Register for BYLD:

Limited spots are available, so register early.


The summer 2024 BYLD program is open to those born in 2008 to 2011 (12 to 15 years old).


This program is being offered at no cost for the 2024 budget year. 


If you have questions:

Program information

The BYLD program has two components:

Orientation and training


Training is a mandatory part of the BYLD program. BYLD participants will not be able to participate in the hands-on learning placement component of the program if they miss any training. There are no make-up dates.

The BYLD workshops and interactive sessions will help you:

  • enhance communications skills
  • develop leadership abilities
  • plan and facilitate programs and activities
  • build effective teams
  • learn the importance of inclusion and disabilities
  • gain conflict resolution skills
  • and many more essential leadership skills!

Hands-on learning placement

After completing orientation and training, BYLD participants have the option of signing up to put their training into action at one of our neighbourhood camps for two consecutive weeks. At orientation, we'll ask participants to fill out a placement preference request form with over 20 site options. 

Did you know that you can earn your high school community service hours through the BYLD program? You can also add your BYLD training and experience to your resume!

What you’ll learn

Through BYLD, you can learn:

  • leadership skills
  • communication
  • program planning
  • team-building skills
  • disability awareness
  • conflict resolution skills
  • inclusion

Earn your high school community service hours through the BYLD program. Employers look for programs like BYLD on resumes when hiring young people.

Leisure access

Visit our Leisure Access (fee assistance) page to apply for lower registration fees for city-run programs. Our goal is to make city-run programs accessible to everyone.