Every year, we celebrate the gardening efforts of Kitchener residents and business owners who help to make our city a more beautiful place to live.

On this page:

  1. Recognize a property
  2. Find a recognized property
  3. Add a property to the map
  4. Lawn signs

Recognize a property

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Kitchener in Bloom garden finder

From victory to vegetable gardens, pollinator patches to herb beds, Kitchener residents are making the most of their outdoor spaces and we want to celebrate them! Use our online map to find greenspaces in your neighbourhood - perfect for a walking or bike tour.

Open the Kitchener in Bloom map

Due to a technical error, locations added to the online map before August 13 no longer appear on the map. If you added a garden and don't see it on the map anymore, please re-add it so that others can enjoy it. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Add a property to our online map

Is there a public garden or other greenspace you’d like to highlight for others in your neighbourhood? Add it to our online map for others to visit and enjoy.

Note: you must have a Google account and be signed in to be able to add an address to the map.

How to add an address to the map 
 Add your property’s address to help encourage others to get outside and appreciate our City in full bloom.
Internet-connected device.
 Enter address
 Enter your address into the map search bar and drop a marker.
 Add to map
 Click on the marker to open a pop-box on your screen and click add to map.
 Enter property name
 Click the edit button (pencil) to enter a name for your garden in the title field.
 Add description
 In the description field, add a few sentences to tell us about your garden and what makes it special.
 Add photo
 Click the camera icon to upload a photo of your front-facing garden for others to view. Click save.
Add flower icon
 Click on the ‘Style’ icon (looks like a diamond) and select the flower icon and choose a colour. If you can’t find the flower icon, click on the more icons button to see more.
 Your entry should now be on the map.

Lawn signs

We are mailing out lawn signs to winners.