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  1. Uniroyal Goodrich Park
  2. Elmsdale Park
  3. RBJ Schlegel Park

Uniroyal Goodrich Park

Uniroyal-Goodrich is a popular neighbourhood park in the north of the City, located next to the Spur Line Trail and fronting on Guelph Street west of Weber Street. Improvement works include enhanced trails and planting, a new sand play area and play features and landscape works. Work is planned over two phases; phase one was started in 2020 but not completed due to delays relating from COVID-19. Phase one will be completed in 2021 and it is anticipated that Phase two will be started and completed in 2021.

Expected completion: late summer 2021

Elmsdale Park

Elmsdale Park is a large neighbourhood park located in the Chandler Mowat community on Elmsdale Drive. The park was identified for improvement in 2016, but site challenges delayed the work for a number of years. Significant landscape work is underway, and the new park will include new play areas, enhanced landscaping and trails and new planting. Work started in 2020 but has been delayed due to COVID-19.

Expected completion: early summer 2021

RBJ Schlegel Park

One of Kitchener’s newest parks, RBJ Schlegel was opened to the public in 2020 after many years of planning and construction. Phase 2 of the park works will see the former Cober Farmhouse restored and re-purposed as a three-season washroom and change facility and a wide range of court amenities (basketball, pickleball and tennis) constructed. In addition, a maintenance building will be built on site. Design and engagement is ongoing, with construction scheduled to start in spring. Existing amenities will be open during construction of Phase 2.

Expected completion: by the end of 2021