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  2. Places and Spaces
  3. Uniroyal Goodrich Park
  4. RBJ Schlegel Park
  5. Prospect Park
  6. Trail improvements
  7. Mapping our trails
  8. Pedestrian bridge work
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Neighbourhood park upgrades

Lots of working is happening in our neighbourhood parks! In 2022 following engagement and consultation in 2020 and 2021, upgrades are being completed at Westwood Park, Brubacher Park and in Wilson Park. Park improvements at Vanier Park, Traynor, and Alpine Parks will be completed in 2023. We are actively seeking feedback on Kinzie, Idlewood and Oaten Parks just now and hope to undertake enhancements in these spaces in late 2023 based on this feedback.

Find details about these projects on Engage Kitchener.

Westwood Park timelapse

Brubacher Green timelapse

Places and Spaces

Staff are continuing to refresh the parks strategic plan through a comprehensive review toward a new document, Places and Spaces. Spaces will be reviewed by city council in June 2022, and engagement is well underway for Places which will go to city council in 2023.

Learn more on Engage Kitchener.

Uniroyal Goodrich Park

Phase 2 work at Uniroyal Goodrich involves adding play equipment and undertaking some additional landscaping work. Phase 2 work should be occurring in summer 2022. In addition to the Phase 2 work in the park, there are a number of community projects ongoing in the area that are focusing on enhancing biodiversity and planting in the park space.

RBJ Schlegel Park

One of Kitchener’s newest parks, RBJ Schlegel opened to the public in 2020 after many years of planning and construction. Phase 2 of the park works will see the former Cober Farmhouse restored and re-purposed as a three-season washroom and change facility and a wide range of court amenities (basketball, pickleball and tennis) constructed. In addition, a maintenance building will be built on site. Design and engagement is ongoing, with construction scheduled to start in spring. Existing amenities will be open during construction of Phase 2. 

Expected completion: washroom opening spring 2022, remaining amenities in Phase 2 in summer 2022

Prospect Park

We're excited to add new park amenities and stormwater management at Prospect Park that meet the recreational needs of visitors and improve sustainability of the park. We expect that detailed design and tender work will take place in 2022 through 2023 and construction will be in 2024.

Expected completion: 2024

Trail improvements

We're making trail enhancements and improvements in 2022, guided by the Cycling and Trails Master Plan. We expect to complete these trail projects in 2022:

  • Vanier to Kingsway: The gravel trail running from Vanier through Wilson Park to Kingsway will be upgraded to an asphalt Multi Use Trail. Work is anticipated to be completed in 2022.
  • Fisher Hallman to Lawrence Avenue: The gravel trail running through the Henry Sturm Creek and through Filsinger Park will be upgraded to asphalt Multi Use Trail. Work is expected to late spring 2022 and completed before the end of the year.
  • Rolling Meadows: Trail improvements are being undertaken in 2022 to trails through Rolling Meadows and Timberland Parks. Estimated completion: late summer 2022
  • Erinbrook: Additional trail improvements are taking place in Erinbrook Park, completing connections around Glencairn school. Estimated completion: fall 2022

Mapping our trails

We're working to compile high quality video and images along our trail network to add to Google Streetview! Watch out for our ‘digital trike’ as we hit the trails to capture these images in summer 2022.

Pedestrian bridge work

There are more than 70 pedestrian bridges in Kitchener connecting communities through our parks and trails. We're working to renew or replaces these bridges in 2022:

  • Lynn Valley Park bridges: Scheduled work on replacing and removing bridges in Lynn Valley Park will happen in 2022.
  • Montgomery Creek pedestrian bridge: work is scheduled to be done with the creek rehabilitation happening in summer 2022.

Tell us what you think

We're looking for feedback and input on:

  • downtown parks
  • park signage
  • park access, community use and welcoming
  • accessibility and parks

These surveys close on September 30, 2022.

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