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Neighbourhood park upgrades

We're upgrading Kinzie, Idlewood and Oaten Parks. Construction began at Oaten Park in fall 2023 with final improvements to be completed in the spring of 2024. Construction at Idlewood Park and Kinzie Park will begin in the spring/summer of 2024.

Learn more on Engage Kitchener.

Places and Spaces

Staff are continuing to refresh the parks strategic plan through the development of Places and Spaces.

The first part (Spaces) was approved by Council on August 22, 2022, along with an updated park dedication bylaw.

Engagement continues for Places which will go to city council in early 2024 for approval. Learn more on how to get involved, and the current topic of engagement, at Engage Kitchener.

RBJ Schlegel Park

One of Kitchener’s newest parks, RBJ Schlegel opened to the public in 2020 after many years of planning and construction.

Phase 2 of the park works will see the former Farmhouse residence restored and re-purposed as a three-season washroom and change facility and a wide range of court amenities (basketball, pickleball and tennis) constructed. In addition, a maintenance building will be built on site. 

Court amenities are now open to the public with periodic closures to complete final coloured coatings. The washroom continues its construction beyond its anticipated opening. Temporary washrooms will continue to be available on site in the interim. Existing amenities will be open during construction of Phase 2.

Expected completion: washroom opening spring 2023, remaining amenities in Phase 2 in summer 2023

Prospect Park

We're excited to add new park amenities and stormwater management at Prospect Park that meet the needs of visitors and improve the sustainability of the park. We expect that further community engagement will take place throughout 2024 to inform the design.  

Learn more about this project on Engage Kitchener.

Westchester Park

In collaboration with the local community association and the #LoveMyHood program, we're installing a new basketball court at Westchester Park. The work is expected to take place in spring 2024.

Pedestrian bridge work

There are more than 70 pedestrian bridges in Kitchener connecting communities through our parks and trails. We’re are currently working to assess the condition and required repairs to the Victoria Park Bridge, leading to Roos Island.

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