We're updating our zoning bylaws to keep up with the diverse needs of our growing community. Our comprehensive review of the zoning bylaw (CRoZBy) ensures that land and buildings are used in ways that align with our Official Plan and complement and support growth.

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  1. About the review
  2. Stage 1 – non-residential zones
  3. Stage 2 – residential zones
  4. Previous public meeting

About the review

The zoning bylaw states exactly how land can be used and where buildings or other structures can be located on a property.

The current bylaw is over 30 years old and needs to be updated to reflect our Official Plan.

The new zoning bylaw is being completed in stages. Stage 1 (non-residential zones) was approved in April 2019 following five years of work and consultation. Stage 2 (residential zones) was approved on March 21, 2022.

Did you get an update about the March 21 CRoZBy notice of passing? Learn more.

Stage 1 – non-residential zones

Zoning Bylaw 2019-051 (Stage 1)

Status: approved by council on April 29, 2019.

On April 29, 2019 council passed Stage 1 of the new zoning bylaw for Kitchener. Stage 1 approved the new non-residential zones and applied them to individual properties. These are now in effect. Learn more on our zoning bylaw page.

Staff reports

Stage 2 - residential zones

Kitchener has more than 50,000 residential properties. We divided this stage into two parts:

Stage 2a – residential base zones

Status: approved by council on May 17, 2021

The new residential base zones were approved by city council on May 17, 2021. The residential zones were added to zoning by-law 2019-051 and did not apply to any properties. The application of these new residential zones to specific properties is part of Stage 2b.

Stage 2b – applying residential zones to properties

Status: approved by council on March 21, 2022

Stage 2b applies the residential zones to properties and makes minor changes to the regulations of the new by-law 2019-051 to make implementation easier. The new residential zones were applied to properties on a ward-by-ward basis and were approved by council on March 21, 2022.

Review the related documents:

To find out if your property has been updated with the new zoning, use our interactive map (download instructions).

Download the comparison chart to see the changes from by-law 85-1 and the new residential zones of by-law 2019-051.

Previous public meeting

A public meeting was held at the Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee on March 9, 2022. Open the accordions below to find the proposed zoning maps and regulations.

The by-law approved on March 21, 2022 made some changes to the proposed zoning below. See the approved by-law for the final version.

Applying the new zones to properties

The maps below show the proposed zoning for each ward in Kitchener. Learn about the new residential zones (RES-1 to RES-7)

Not sure which ward you live in? Use our ward lookup tool.

Have questions about zoning? Send us an email.

Changes to regulations of By-law 2019-051

The changes below are proposed to the base zones and regulations of by-law 2019-051 as part of Stage 2b:

  • consolidated zoning by-law 2019-051 with tracked changes
    • these are the zoning regulations that apply to properties
    • the tracked changes on the document highlight the changes proposed
  • Section 19 (Site Specific Provision)
    • these are rules that only apply to specific properties
    • all of these are new in by-law 2019-051
    • those with tracked changes are already in by-law 2019-051 but are being modified
  • Section 20 (Holding Provision)
    • these usually limit development on specific properties until certain criteria is met
    • all of these are new in by-law 2019-051
    • those with tracked changes are already in by-law 2019-051 but are being modified