Maps can help you understand Kitchener and our community. Whether you need to print out a PDF map or want to explore your neighbourhood, you’ll find a map that interests you on this page.

Open the Kitchener GeoHub

On this page:

  1. Interactive mapping
  2. Paper maps
  3. Story maps
  4. Find a park, trail or other city property

Interactive mapping

Explore Kitchener from the comfort of your own home or office using our interactive mapping tool.

This application (app) lets you view data about Kitchener in map form, generated by our geographical information system (GIS). The app uses information from various sources and creates map layers for you to view and print out.

By using our app, you can find:

  • active building permits
  • zoning
  • traffic closures
  • aerial imagery
  • engineering drawing
  • city-owned infrastructure (water, sanitary and storm)
  • trails and bikeways
  • parks
  • planning information
  • and more!

Open the map content on the left side of the application and explore further by turning the layers on or off. The 'i' tool will open windows with more information about a layer, based on where you clicked the mouse.

Open our interactive mapping app

If you need some help, check out the quick reference guide or send us an email.

Paper maps

If you need a map of Kitchener, we can help. Visit our GeoHub to download a PDF map. Some popular maps include:

  • downtown Kitchener districts
  • neighbourhood associations
  • planning communities
  • ward boundaries
  • Waterloo Region
  • wards with street index
  • Kitchener street index
  • street index with zoning (zoning boundaries)

If you’re looking for a map not listed above, send us an email.

Story maps

Learn about Kitchener and its history by exploring a story map on our open data portal. These maps can help you uncover something new and link points of interest together.

Check out our story maps:

Story maps require a Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox internet browser. The system is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

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Find a park, trail or other city property

Use our facilities tool to find a pool, park or community centre near you. This tool uses our GIS data with quick links to Google Maps for directions on the go.