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What is Age Friendly Kitchener?

We built Age Friendly Kitchener in partnership with older adults in Kitchener. The Age Friendly Kitchener vision is to create a community where we can all live well and age well. To do this, we’re creating opportunities for health, participation, and security to enhance quality of life as people age. 

Age Friendly Kitchener programs fit into four categories:

To learn more about living and aging well in Kitchener, view our Age Friendly Kitchener Action Plan.

Program guide

We are offering many new and exciting programs in more community centres to suit different needs, levels and interests. Download our Spring 2024 program guide to find a full listing of programs.


Wellness programs focus on enhancing the physical, emotional, and mental components of health. 

Some of our wellness programs include:

  • Pilates
  • yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • mindfulness
  • meditation

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Active living

Integrating daily physical activity is important to maintaining health and independence. We offer a wide range of activities to suit every interest and ability.

Some of our active living programs include:

  • strength training
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • conditioning
  • dance
  • chair fitness
  • recreational sports

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It’s never too late to learn a new skill or find a new hobby. Our learning programs are designed to meet the needs of older adults and delivered in a supportive and social setting.

Some of our learning programs include:

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We offer older adults opportunities to stay socially connected and engaged with their community through in-person, virtual and telephone programs.

Some of our connecting programs include:

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Support calls for seniors

We're supporting Kitchener seniors who may be feeling isolated, or just want to talk, through regular social and wellbeing support calls.

If you know a senior who would benefit from this service, please have them call 519-741-2916 to register.

We also accept referrals from friends, family and community agencies if the senior has given permission to share their contact information and has agreed to receive reassurance calls from us.

If you have any questions, please email Andrea Klein or call 519-741-2200, ext. 5082.

Leisure Access

Visit our Leisure Access (fee assistance) page if program fees are preventing you from joining a city or neighbourhood association program. You could qualify for a yearly amount of $400 per person in Leisure Access fee assistance. Talk to community centre staff to learn more.

Inclusion support

If you have a disability and need support to join any of our programs, you can apply for an inclusion membership. Visit our inclusion support page to learn more and apply.