Our personal assistance for leisure activities (PAL) program makes joining our programs possible, comfortable and more enjoyable for people with disabilities.

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  1. About the PAL card program
  2. Eligibility
  3. Application
  4. Partners

About the PAL card program

With a PAL card, people with disabilities can bring a helper, often a friend or family member, to help them take part in city-run programs. In most cases, there is no extra cost as the helper is there to make sure you can participate and enjoy the activity and not there to participate themselves.

We accept the PAL card for city-run programs, including:

  • public swims
  • public skates at arenas
  • community centres
  • golf courses

To use your PAL card, present the card when paying your program fees. The membership will also be listed on your ActiveNet account.

You cannot use the PAL card for ticketed events at our facilities run by third party organizations, businesses or promoters.


Anyone who is older than four years old and has a disability that restricts them from performing activities, which has lasted longer than six months and cannot be eliminated by the use of a technical aide, such as eyeglasses, is eligible for a PAL card.

Temporary PAL cards are available for those with temporary disabilities.

Attendants must be 15 years of age or older. Different attendants can help the program participant on different days.

If an attendant would be taking part in an activity with a PAL cardholder, regardless of his or her disability, the attendant would be expected to pay the program fee. For example, if a child, who has a PAL card, does not meet our age requirement to swim alone during a family swim at one of our pools, an adult would have to supervise the child and pay the swim fee.


You can apply for a PAL card online. If you have any questions or need help, call 519-741-2200, ext. 7228

You will need to include two references on your application. We will contact both references to ensure you're eligible for a PAL card.

If your application is approved, we will mail your PAL card to you.


Open the accordions below to learn about our PAL card partners and use criteria.

City of Kitchener and City of Waterloo

Municipal programs or facilities

  • Pools
  • Arenas
  • Community Centres (direct leisure programs)
  • Golf Courses – Doon, Rockway, Grey Silo
  • City of Waterloo Museum

PAL card partners

  • Bingemans
  • Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort (Mon-Fri, 2, 4, or all day passes only)
  • Chicopee Tube Park
  • KW Symphony
  • Waterloo Region Museum
  • Driftwood Martial Arts
  • Conestoga Sailing Club
  • Stork Family YMCA
  • AR Kaufman YMCA
  • Max’s Golf Centre
  • Games on Tap
  • Market Sport
City of Cambridge

Municipal programs or facilities

  • Aquatics
  • Arenas
  • Direct Leisure Programs
  • Arts, Culture and Special Events

PAL card partners

  • iBowl
  • Dickson Bowl
  • YMCA of Cambridge
  • Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
City of Guelph

Municipal programs or facilities

  • Aquatics
  • Arenas
  • Direct Leisure Programs (Evergreen Seniors Centre, Delhi Community Centre)
  • Arts, Culture and Special Events
  • Guelph Transit 

PAL card partners

  • YMCA- YWCA of Guelph
Township of Woolwich

Municipal programs or facilities

  • Woolwich Memorial Centre
Use criteria and/or restrictions
  • Where program or facility policies require the supervision of an adult for a child PAL card holder the PAL card will not be accepted and the adult participating with the child with a disability will be required to pay the admission/fee. For example: A child who is too young to swim alone at a family swim – An adult would be required to supervise the child and therefore would pay their own admission.
  • The PAL card is not accepted for ticketed events held at municipal facilities that are operated by external organizations, businesses or promoters. For example: Tickets purchased for events, concerts or Kitchener Ranger hockey games offered at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex or the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex are not eligible for the PAL card program.
  • PAL card partners that participate in the PAL card program develop their own criteria for accepting the PAL card at their programs and facilities. Where possible we will outline the criteria for PAL card partner programs on the insert included.
  • Cineplex Entertainment Theatres (Galaxy, Cineplex Odeon, Famous Players and Silver City) do not participate in the PAL program. However, they do participate in the Access 2 Entertainment Program. You can apply directly through Easter Seals or Link to Access 2 Entertainment webpage. This access card is accepted at a variety of programs, and entertainment venues across Canada. 

If a program or business is not included on our list, and you would like to use your PAL card to take part, please contact them directly to ask if they PAL card is accepted. If you are aware of a program that accepts the PAL card and it is not listed, please let us know and we'll add it to our list.