If you need a monthly parking spot downtown or around Grand River Hospital, you can request monthly parking. We also offer hourly parking for shorter visits.

On this page:

  1. Available parking locations
  2. Licence plate recognition

Available parking locations

We update the lists below with the parking locations that have available spaces. If there are no spaces available, you can join a waitlist.

Check hourly and monthly rates on our parking locations page.

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Request monthly parking

Join a waiting list

  • Water Street South (lot 3)
  • Ontario Street South (lot 9)
  • Green Street (lot 12)
  • Rotary (lot 13)
  • City Hall parking garage

Join a waiting list

Licence plate recognition

The licence plate recognition system is available at all city-run parking garages and surface lots with monthly parking.

How it works

If you have monthly parking at one of our garages or lots, follow these steps:

  1. drive up to the entrance gate
  2. pause to let the cameras detect your licence plate
  3. wait for the gate to rise
  4. enter the parking lot or garage

When you leave the garage, you’ll follow the same steps using the exit gate.

Licence plate issues

In some situations, the system may not be able to read your licence plate (example: it’s faded or hidden by snow). If this happens, please call the "Call When Here" phone number posted at the entry or exit gate (we recommend adding this number as a contact for easy access).

If you included your cell phone number in your permit request and activated the Call When Here function, the system will recognize your phone number on record. If you haven’t provided your phone number or activated the Call When Here function, please use the intercom to speak with staff, who can raise the gate to let you in or out.

Payment options

You can pay for monthly parking with:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • debit
  • Discover
  • American Express

You can request a bill a month in advance and pay the full amount by the first of the month. To request this form of payment, send us an email. If your invoice payment is overdue, then the full daily parking rate would apply. 

If you’re affiliated with another corporation that has already negotiated a group monthly parking plan, your parking administrator will register your information for you.

If you’re a monthly parking subscriber of a corporate group (examples: WRPS, Region of Waterloo, KPL), your group will be invoiced at the beginning of the calendar month to pre-pay the sum of all member subscribers. If your group charges their member subscribers, they will give you a receipt.