You can rent one of our sportsfields for your team or group. On this page, you’ll find rental rates, field locations and field conditions.

On this page:

  1. How to book a field in Kitchener
  2. Rental rates
  3. Field conditions

How to book a field in Kitchener
Follow these steps to book a sportsfield in the City of Kitchener for your team or group. 
Internet-connected device and telephone.
Review our rental handbook

Download the rental handbook to review our:

  • terms and conditions
  • behaviour management policy
  • insurance requirements
Contact us to start the process

Contact us by:

You can also use our online form to request a field.

Pay for your booking

Staff will work with you to arrange payment after you book your field.

Rental rates

Our rental fees depend on the maintenance each field needs. The more work a field needs, the higher the rental rate.

Each field has a rating of either A, B or S. A is the top grade. We own A and B fields, but S fields belong to either the Waterloo Region District School Board or the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

Find the 2023 rental fees for each type of field below. The listed fees do not include tax.

Baseball diamonds

  • A1: $60.92 per hour
  • A2: $54.65 per hour
  • B: $14.85 per hour

Athletic fields - grass

  • A1: $69.86 per hour
  • A2: $37.20 per hour
  • B: $16.02 per hour
  • Cricket pitch: $23.89 per hour

Athletic fields - artificial turf

  • $111.21 per hour

Budd Indoor Fieldhouse (October to April)

  • prime: $141.29 per hour
  • Budd lounge: $46.53 per hour

Field conditions

Before your booking, remember to check the field conditions. We post our field conditions online and will post an update on social media if we are closing fields.

If we close a field that you’ve booked because of poor conditions and/or weather, please do not try to use the field. We will remove the booking from your contract and you will get an email with the change in cost.

When referees, umpires and/or coaches deem a field to be unsafe, but we have not closed the field, please listen to the official and do not use the field. To remove an unused booking from your contract, please contact the facility scheduler the next morning.