Kitchener’s growth must be carefully managed develop for us to grow into a community with thriving neighbourhoods and a strong economy, without losing the character that makes our city unique.

On this page:

  1. Growth management strategy
  2. Growth management plan

Growth management strategy

We welcome our new Kitchener residents and all the benefits that come with a growing population.

We must take care as we grow to ensure that the services, vibrant neighbourhoods and economic growth that attracts these new residents is sustained and supported by their arrival.

The Kitchener Growth Management Strategy  provides a framework for doing this:

  • conserving and enhancing our natural and cultural heritage resources
  • ensuring greater transportation choice
  • strengthening communities
  • creating vibrant urban places
  • fostering a strong economy
  • managing change in an effective, coordinated manner

Our strategy outlines the best places for growth, so every development complements our community priorities and aligns with our long-term infrastructure plans.

Annual reports

We prepare annual growth management monitoring reports to track the number of local development opportunities and our progress on meeting our intensification and density targets.

Our growth management plan

Our growth management plan is one of the key tools we use to effectively manage development in our community.

Placing high priority on using existing infrastructure, the Kitchener Growth Management Plan focuses on our:

  • urban growth centre
  • identified intensification areas and
  • growth areas that include greenfield lands

The plan is based on the overarching principles of our Official Plan, the Ontario Planning Act, Provincial Policy Statement and the regional 'A Place to Grow' plan.

Kitchener’s Growth Management Plan is prepared every two years. In October 2019 council approved the Kitchener Growth Management Plan Fall 2019-Fall 2021.