We want to transform park spaces like Huron Natural Area into places that better represent past and present Indigenous communities, art, culture and will reflect current Indigenous initiatives.

Our goal is to create outdoor spaces that feel welcoming to Indigenous groups and Indigenous community members looking to host ceremonies, events and gatherings.

On this page:

  1. Relationship building
  2. Dedicated gathering spaces
  3. For Indigenous people, by Indigenous people
  4. Upcoming events and activities
  5. Tell us what you think

Relationship building

This work is centred on building meaningful relationships. We will consult Indigenous leaders and community members throughout this project.

Our goal of this engagement is to:

  • understand what initiatives are currently in place
  • explore how we can support Indigenous organizations and initiatives in Kitchener
  • find how Huron Natural Area and other parks and open spaces should/could be used for Indigenous traditions
  • learn what events and programming Indigenous community members would like to host and take part in

We want to create long-lasting relationships with Indigenous communities that go past the boundaries of this project. Learn more about our commitment to reconciliation.

Dedicated gathering spaces

Through engagement and discussions with Indigenous community, we learned that outdoor gathering space for Indigenous communities is needed in parks in both Waterloo and Kitchener. This space should be a safe and welcoming space where community, especially Indigenous communities, can gather for ceremonies and to celebrate cultural traditions.

Building dedicated gathering spaces is a high priority for us and we want to hear from you. If you’re interested in learning more, please send us an email.

For Indigenous people, by Indigenous people

This work is Indigenous-led, and city-supported.

Alanah Jewell, who is bear clan from Oneida Nation of the Thames, is leading this project. She has a history of engaging local Indigenous groups, forming connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and recognizes the importance of Indigenous placemaking in urban spaces.

Alanah is committed to creating accessible programming, events and initiatives for urban Indigenous people. She believes that community is at the heart of Indigenous cultural reclamation, and it’s important to support one another in this journey.

An Indigenous Advisory Committee supports this project. This committee will help ensure that decision making is grounded in respect, cultural teachings, democracy and accountability to the urban Indigenous community. 

If you have any questions about this project, send us an email.

Upcoming events and activities

We’re excited to connect with local Indigenous leaders and give community members opportunities to join activities at Huron Natural Area.

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Tell us what you think

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