When the temperature warms up each year, potholes can appear on roads. You can report a pothole online or by calling 519-741-2345.

Report a pothole

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Report a pothole

We need your help knowing where potholes are in Kitchener. If you see a pothole in Kitchener, please report it so we can repair it.

Take note of the exact location of the pothole, including:

  • the street it is on
  • which lane (north or south bound)
  • address or building it's in front of
  • cross streets (example: on College between King and Weber)

Call 519-741-2345 to report the pothole.

Make a claim

When you file a claim with your insurance provider, they will try to recover money from anyone they think was responsible for the damage.

If you want to claim directly against us, visit our making a claim page.

Pothole conditions

Potholes can develop when temperatures begin to hover around zero degrees.

Along with the Region of Waterloo, we maintain roads in Kitchener to the Province’s Minimum Maintenance Standards, Ontario Reg. 239/02.

This standard tells us how big a pothole can be before we need to repair it. It also sets out the amount of time that can pass before we must complete the repair. This time depends on the amount of traffic that usually travels on the specific road. The standard ranges from four days for roads with heavy traffic to 30 days for roads with lower traffic.

If you see a pothole, please report it online or call 519-741-2345 so that we can repair it.