We inspect the tobogganing hills on this page on a regular basis throughout the winter. These are the best hills to go tobogganing on in Kitchener.

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Due to the current weather conditions and forecast, our tobogganing hills are closed. Please follow posted signs.

There are designated tobogganing hills in these parks:

Enjoying tobogganing safely

We inspect these locations on a regular basis through the winter season. We will close the toboggan hills if conditions do not support safe sliding (example: if the hills become too icy). Please follow the posted signs.

We do not have staff at these hills. Adult supervision is recommended. Use good judgement going up and down any of the designated hills.

When using one of our tobogganing hills, please follow these safety tips:

  • only toboggan on recognized areas, and make sure there’s nothing blocking your path down the hill
  • never use a toboggan run that has an obstacle on it
    • avoid using slopes with trees, light poles, signs, garbage cans or other things near to them
    • toboggans have no steering and riders have limited control on direction to their slide
  • wait for other users to clear the hill before you start sledding
  • use recognized lanes outside of the toboggan hill to return to the top
  • clear the bottom of the hill promptly to allow the next person to start their run
  • only have one person tobogganing on a run at a time
  • you don’t need to start at the top
    • find a point of the hill you are comfortable with starting from
    • the lower down the hill, the more control you’ll have over your speed
  • know where you are and carry a cell phone in case there’s an accident
  • remember to dress up to keep warm and dry!
    • gloves, a hat, snow pants and a jacket will help you enjoy your time on the slopes

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