We’re reviewing the land use planning rules in the Mill Courtland Woodside Park/Rockway area. You can find everything related to this review on this page.

On this page:

  1. About the review
  2. Background information
  3. Next steps
  4. Existing secondary plan land use and zoning
  5. Proposed secondary plan policies and land use
  6. Proposed zoning
  7. Urban design guidelines
  8. Previous community engagement

About the review

The Mill Courtland Woodside Park/Rockway neighbourhood planning review includes:

  • the existing Mill Courtland Woodside Park secondary plan area
  • an existing adjacent area in the 2014 Official Plan

The new area is proposed to become the new Rockway Secondary Plan and the rest of the Mill Courtland Woodside Park secondary plan becomes part of the city’s Official Plan.

We shared the following changes and guidelines in October 2019:

  • proposed official plan changes
  • proposed zoning bylaw changes
  • urban design guidelines

Background information

Staff held a public meeting to get feedback from the community on December 9, 2019. No decisions were made at this meeting. We are analyzing and considering the input we got at the meeting to prepare recommendations for council.

Next steps

We are now in the “issues resolution” phase. After the public meeting on December 9, 2019, we received over 140 formal written or oral submissions.

We are reviewing all the submissions and will follow up with individuals and groups if further dialogue or meetings are needed to understand and resolve the issues.

Staff will also be responding to the submissions before making any recommendations to council. 

Regional Official Plan review

Since we started our neighbourhood planning reviews, the Region of Waterloo has started the review of their Official Plan. They are reviewing and analyzing land budget needs, intensification areas across the region, Major Transit Station Area (MTSA) boundaries and more. This review will inform the development of new or updated Regional Official Plan policies.

Before continuing with our neighbourhood planning reviews, we need to understand how MTSAs are planning to be implemented at the regional level in order to ensure our work will align with the regional review.

Revisions to Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment

Given the regional review, we expect that we will need to make changes to the proposed official plan and zoning bylaw amendments that were considered at the public meeting in December 2019.

If we make changes to the proposed amendments, we will schedule another public meeting to consider the changes. Subscribe to this page to get an email with details.

Existing secondary plan land use and zoning

Proposed secondary plan policies and land use

Proposed zoning

Urban design guidelines

Previous community engagement

We held an open house to get feedback from the community on March 28, 2019. Use the links below to find information we presented at the open house: