How to pay your property taxes
There are several ways to pay your property taxes.
Property tax bill.
 Choose your payment method
You can pay your property taxes:
  • through our e-billing portal
  • with pre-authorized payments
  • through your bank
  • by mail
  • in person
  • through your mortgage provider

Learn about the different payment methods on our paying your taxes page.

 Pay automatically or before the deadline

We charge property taxes in four instalments each year.

If you pay with pre-authorized payments, your payment be automatically taken from your account on the due date.

 Avoid late fees
We charge penalties and interest for late payment of your property taxes at a rate of 1.25 per cent monthly.

These charges are added the day after your due date, and the first business day of every subsequent month until the full balance is paid.

Late payments will be applied to the outstanding penalty and interest first, and then to the oldest outstanding taxes.