As our city grows each year, so does our inventory of parks and green space. Currently, we maintain approximately 3,000 acres of turf across Kitchener, ensuring these popular places are maintained so the community can enjoy them.

On this page:

  1. What we maintain
  2. How we cut grass
  3. Dandelions
  4. Ticks

What we maintain

We cut grass in:

  • city-managed parks and open spaces
  • bulb ends of cul-de-sacs on city streets
  • the boulevard greenspace in front of city owned properties such as our parks
  • grass alongside trails and walkways

We do not cut grass:

  • along regional roads – the Region of Waterloo supports this
  • beside private properties – private property owners cut grass on areas like boulevards in front of their property

How we cut grass

The equipment we use to cut grass depends on the area:

  • smaller areas: ride-on grass cutting equipment
  • larger areas: tractors or other larger equipment
  • around fences, trees and alongside sidewalks and trails: line trimmers

Between May and September, we try to cut all grass once every three to four weeks. In some areas, such as our sportfields, we may cut the grass more often, and, in some areas, such as alongside some of our trails, we may cut it less often.

Weather plays a big part in how often we cut grass. In wet periods, some areas of our parks and open spaces may be too wet for equipment to access safely. In dry weather grass may go dormant or grow very slowly, so we cut less often.

If you have a question about city grass cutting, send us an email or call 519-741-2345.


Dandelion season happens in late May and early June. The yellow heads of dandelions are a welcome sign of spring. However, many residents dislike it when dandelion flowers give way to seed heads.

Here are some quick facts about dandelions:

  • dandelions are a source of food for many early emerging insects and pollinators
  • they support healthy soil by helping to fix nitrogen into the soil supporting health growth of grass through the rest of the year
  • dandelion growth helps aerate the soil in early spring and improve the quality of soil

Dandelion season usually happens around the same time as our first cycle of grass cutting. If you see a field of dandelions in a park or open space, enjoy the yellow colour and know that we will get to cutting the grass as soon as we can.


Many people are concerned about the increase in tick numbers in urban areas over recent years. The black legged tick can carry and spread a disease called Lyme disease to humans if an infected tick feeds (bites and draws blood) from the person.

Not all ticks carry Lyme disease and even among black legged ticks, not all individual ticks carry the disease. Learn more from the Region of Waterloo.

To help avoid ticks:

  • keep to well used trails and away from long grass
  • wear long pants and long-sleeved tops if going into less managed spaces and tuck your pants into your socks
  • consider using an insect repellent that works to repel ticks
  • check yourself when you get back home, especially in areas such as between the legs and armpits
  • check your pets regularly and talk to your vet about pet treatments
  • if you find a tick on you, follow public health advice to removal and what steps to take