Small business make huge contributions to our economy, and we are proud to support the entrepreneurial spirit and economic development of our community.

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  1. About Kitchener
  2. Find a property
  3. Get a business licence
  4. Hire local talent
  5. Relocating to Kitchener
  6. Business resources

About Kitchener

Kitchener is home to many small businesses in several industries, including:

  • technology
  • advanced manufacturing
  • health care
  • digital media
  • retail
  • restaurants
  • clean technology
  • arts and culture

Starting your business in Kitchener gives you the opportunity to network with neighbours in your industry.

Learn more about what makes Kitchener unique.

Find a property

If you want to lease an office or commercial space, use an online real estate directory like You can also contact a local real estate agent or leasing company.

The Waterloo Region Small Business Centre has a listing of commercial kitchens, co-working spaces and makerspaces on their website.

Reach out to city staff if you have questions about finding an office or property:

Get a business licence

You may need a business licence if you want to open a business in Kitchener. Visit our business licensing page to learn more and apply for a licence.

Hire local talent

Our community is home to a wealth of talent in several diverse sectors. With a large student force and talented and motivated people ready to drive productivity growth and innovation, Kitchener offers exciting opportunities for all types of businesses. 

We continue to support the development, retraining, retention and recruitment of talented workers needed by our manufacturing industry, in tandem with the following local agencies:

Relocating to Kitchener

If your medium or large-sized business is looking to expand or relocate to Kitchener, contact Brian Bennett.

Business resources

Check out these resources to help start your business:

If you have any questions not answered by these links, contact the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre.