Is your group hosting a public event in Kitchener? You may qualify for an in-kind facility grant if you host the event at one of our facilities.

On this page:

  1. About the program
  2. Grant amount
  3. Application
  4. Eligibility

About the program

You may be eligible for an in-kind facility grant if your group is hosting a public event that is:

  • intended to better the common good of Kitchener residents
  • in the areas of arts and culture, minor sports and recreation or community support and development
  • hosted at one of our city facilities

We do not offer in-kind facility grants for ongoing rentals for meetings or programming.

You can apply for a facility grant to pay for:

  • rental fees at a city facility
  • staff costs for basic set-up

You will pay all other costs and service fees.

Grant amount

Groups can apply for one in-kind facility grant per year, up to a maximum of $500.


If you meet the eligibility criteria, apply online.

After we review applications, we will let you know if your grant has been approved or denied. We will share the next steps in either situation.


To be eligible for an in-kind facility grant, you must meet the criteria listed below.

  1. The purpose of the event must demonstrably meet Council’s strategic objectives as documented in the City of Kitchener Strategic Plan and other policy documents.
  2. The purpose of the event must be considered a municipal responsibility and not be the responsibility of other levels of government; services such as health care, social services, training and education are not eligible.
  3. The purpose of the event must not be precluded under the Municipal Act, e.g. religious services.
  4. The event must be provided directly to the citizens of Kitchener, i.e. grants are for direct programs only. Grant applications from organizations and groups that themselves distribute grants to other organizations, groups or individuals will not be considered, i.e. fundraising events are not eligible. Service clubs are eligible to apply for funding if the purpose of the event they are sponsoring is deemed to be a municipal responsibility and the event is city-wide, targeted toward a broad cross-section of the community.
  5. Grant applications submitted by individuals or ‘part groups’ of an organization or group will not be considered.
  6. Any organization or group that is in arrears and/or litigation with the City of Kitchener is ineligible to apply for funding.
  7. Organizations or groups wishing to be considered for an in-kind facility grant do not need to be incorporated as not-for-profit corporations. However, budgets and subsequent financial accounting must not show an excess of revenue over expenses. Applicants must demonstrate the capability to manage and govern the event, usually evidenced by the existence of an executive committee or coordinating board.
  8. To be eligible for an in-kind facility grant, the event is to be open to the general public with no admission charge, or a minimum charge where deemed necessary, to ensure as much public participation and access as possible.
  9. Any organization or group applying for funds will give regard to the inclusion and accommodation of persons with a disability.
  10. Organizations can request funding for only one event per year, to a maximum of $500.

We will not provide grant funding, financial support or any other financial or in-kind contribution to any person, including any individual, body, business, or entity, that hosts, arranges, contributes to or promotes Conversion Practices. Learn more about this policy on LaserFiche.