Running for almost 4 km, the trail runs between Morgan Avenue in the south of the City to Ottawa Street north, linking Chicopee Ski Hill and Stanley Park Conservation Areas.

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  1. Location
  2. Washrooms
  3. About the trail
  4. Trail etiquette


The trail begins at Morgan Avenue near the Centreville Chicopee Community Centre and follows a hydro corridor for most of its length. After passing by the base of Chicopee Ski Hill, the trail swings north westwards and crosses through the woods of Idlewood Park. The trail turns westwards, crossing through Midland Park, ending near the Stanley Park Community Centre on Ottawa Street North.

Along its route, it connects to:


Publicly accessible washrooms are at Stanley Park Community Centre and Centreville Chicopee Community Centre when they are open.

About the trail

The Dom Cardillo Trail is named after the former Mayor of Kitchener; Dom Cardillo was the second longest serving Mayor of Kitchener filling the role between 1982 and 1994. Before he was Mayor, Dom Cardillo worked as a teacher in Kitchener then serving on Council between 1963 and 1982.

Pedestrians and cyclists can use the trail, and in winter, cross country skiing and snowshoeing can happen on the trail.

Trail etiquette

The Dom Cardillo trail is a well loved local trail connecting communities and service local recreation needs; please help everyone enjoy the trail, and always be aware of users around you.

  • keep the right side of the trail as you move along it
  • keep dogs on leash and remember to pick up after them
  • if you are moving up behind people in front (for example, runners and cyclists) please make people aware of your approach – use a bell, or provide a verbal indication (‘on your left’)
  • if walking in a group, be aware of others using the trail and give them space to pass
  • do not use motorized vehicles (cars, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles) on the trail, and respect residents that live along the trail by proceeding quietly – particularly in the early morning or evening