You may need a fire permit for your rural fire or special event. If you own a building, you’re responsible for making sure it complies with the Ontario Fire Code.

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Fire permits

You need to get a fire permit for open air burning, event fireworks and pyrotechnics.

You do not need a permit for recreational fires, but you must follow our backyard fire bylaws.

Open air burning

If you live in the rural areas of Kitchener and want to burn waste material for non-recreational purposes, you need a permit.

With an open-air burn permit, you can have a fire on your property to clean up excess yard waste such as fallen trees or to clear farmland. Brush and branches may qualify, but we encourage you to mulch that type of debris and drop it off at the regional landfill.

Open-air burning is only allowed in areas that have been designated as rural. You must arrange a visual inspection of the burn area with our fire department to confirm the location fits within the rules.

Permit rules

  • tell Kitchener Fire Dispatch before burning starts and when burning is complete
  • burn only during daylight hours
  • do not burn during weather conditions that pose a fire risk like high wind or a lack of rain
  • do not burn if dry grass is in the immediate area
  • synthetic material like plastics and rubber cannot be burned
  • do not burn if there is an air quality advisory

Fireworks and pyrotechnic events

You can set off fireworks before 11 p.m. on these days:

  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Diwali

If you want to set off fireworks on any other days, you need to apply for a permit.

You cannot set off fireworks on public property. Visit our bylaws at home page to find fireworks safety tips.

Fire inspections

If you own a building, you must ensure it complies with the Ontario Fire Code, preventing injuries and protecting your property. We can help you understand the code and inspect your property for compliance.

When you need a fire inspection

Part six of the Ontario Fire Code addresses fire protection equipment. It outlines when you need a fire inspection. Some specific examples are outlined below.

If you need a business licence, you must also request a fire inspection.

If you’re getting a temporary or permanent licence from the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario, you need a fire inspection. There is an exception for situations where the owner provides detailed dimensioned drawings outlining the use of the space.

What fire inspections involve

Our fire inspectors will look at:

  • paths available to leave a building
  • construction
  • how a building is divided
  • interior finish
  • building services
  • fire protection systems
  • fire alarm and detection systems

File searches

If you’re selling, buying, insuring or re-mortgaging a property, you should check if there are any outstanding orders against the property. Typically, law firms or financial institutions complete these searches. You can also request a search of a property. 

We will supply a file search for any outstanding Ontario Fire Code violations against a property. To request a file search of a property that you do not own we need written authorization from the current owner giving us permission to conduct the search.

Request a permit, inspection or file search

To request a fire permit, inspection or file search: