Visit Harry Class during the summer to get out of the heat. We offer swimming lessons, as well as daily family and lane swims.

Harry Class outdoor pool is open for the season. Before visiting Harry Class outdoor pool, you must pre-register for a swim time.

Register for a single-visit swim

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  2. Contact information
  3. Hours
  4. Parking and transit
  5. Swimming lessons
  6. Single-visit swims
  7. Swimming fees
  8. Pool guidelines
  9. Weather policy
  10. In the neighbourhood

COVID-19 updates

Outdoor pools are open for the season, select indoor pools to begin opening July 26

The Region of Waterloo will enter Step 3 of the Province’s Roadmap to Reopen at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 16, a three-step plan to safely and cautiously reopen the province and gradually lift public health restrictions.  

All visitors and staff will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.

Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by someone over 18 who will be responsible for ensuring physical distancing for members of their group.

Before you visit a pool:

When you arrive at the pool:

  • Be prepared to show proof that you have completed the screening on your phone or other device
  • Wear a face covering and maintain your physical distance while in line and in the facility

Please follow these guidelines when visiting an outdoor pool:

  • Come dressed for swimming. Access to showers, change spaces, and washrooms will be limited during your visit.
  • When possible, shower at home before and after your visit.
  • Lockers will not be available. Bring a bag for your belongings while in the pool. You will be asked to bring your belongings to designated areas on the pool deck.
  • Pool equipment will be limited. If you need equipment for support or training purposes, please bring it from home. Pool toys will not be permitted.
  • Some amenities may remain closed including slides, diving board, hair dryers and drinking fountains.
  • Please respect the signage and directions from staff.

Visit our COVID-19 updates page to learn what's open and closed as well as how city services are affected.

Contact information

Address: 45 Woodside Avenue

Phone number: 519-741-2200 ext. 3481


Daily: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Parking and transit

Free parking is available off Highland Road East. There is also on-street parking on Woodside Avenue.

These Grand River Transit (GRT) routes stop near Harry Class outdoor pool:

Plan your route with GRT’s trip planner.

GRT no longer offers paper bus tickets. Fare payment information is available on their website.

Swimming lessons

Registration for July swimming lessons is now open.

You can register for August swimming lessons starting on July 6 at 8:30 a.m.

Register for swimming lessons online

Due to COVID-19, we've made these changes to our Learn to Swim lessons:

  • one caregiver per student must be in the water for all lessons, level A to H
  • the support person must be comfortable in the water and able to join in the lesson
  • level B to H and levels 1 to 3 will be combined into 45-minute lessons
  • children in levels I through N can attend lessons on their own

The maximum number of students will depend on the space available to make sure the instructor, students and caregivers can maintain their physical distance.

Register for swimming lessons or other programs on ActiveNet. Family swims are also available.

Single-visit swims

You need to register for a single-visit swim at Harry Class outdoor pool. Staff at the pool can help you register if you prefer to not use ActiveNet.

You can register up to seven days and five minutes before the start of a program. Registration ends one hour before the start of the swim.

If you need to change your registration, please do so at least 48 hours before your swim time.

Register for a single-visit swim

Swimming fees


  • single: $6
  • 5 tickets: $28.25
  • 20 tickets: $111.85
  • 60 tickets: $321.10

Child (0-17) and senior (55+) 

  • single: $4
  • 5 tickets: $18.50
  • 20 tickets: $70.35
  • 60 tickets: $200


  • single family admission: $13.65
  • 5 family admission tickets: $60.25
Apply for lower fees
Through our leisure access program, you can apply for lower fees for city-run programs. Find out if you're eligible and learn how to apply on our leisure access page.

Get leisure support

If you or your child has a disability, you can apply for an inclusion membership to get leisure support. Support can include personal assistance for leisure activities (PAL).

Pool guidelines

Open the accordions below to learn about our pool guidelines.

Age requirements

Anyone under the age of 18 visiting a City of Kitchener pool must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 0-6 years: must be within 1 arm's reach of someone 12 years or older at all times, including if swim test has been passed (2:1 ratio)
  • 7-9 years: may swim alone if they pass the swim test, if not they must be within 1 arm's reach of someone 12 years or older at all times (3:1 ratio)
  • 10+ years: may swim alone
  • 12+ years: may supervise other swimmers (see ratios above)
  • deep end swimmers: All swimmers must pass the swim test to enter the deep end. Swimmers of any age may be asked to complete the swim test at the discretion of the lifeguards.
Swim test 

To pass the swim test, swimmers must be able to comfortably perform a recognizable stroke on their front for a minimum of 15 meters with the ability to put their face in the water and take at least one (1) breath without putting their feet on the bottom of the pool.

Children ages 7-9 who successfully complete the test, or have completed Level H, will receive a Swim Test Card. Swim test cards must be presented prior to admission to a recreational swim.

Forgot your Swim Test Card? You will be required to complete another swim test.

Bathing suits

Public pools enforce a strict dress code to preserve the cleanliness of the pool water and keep attire family-friendly.

In order to accommodate all visitors and maintain safe programs, traditional swim wear is preferred where possible; however, the following criteria will be used by City staff when determining the appropriateness of attire for swimming:

  • Clothing is clean and brought to the pool for the sole purpose of swimming (one cannot wear their street clothes into the pool)
  • Proper swimwear material is defined as any material that’s specifically designed for the purposes of swimming. This includes spandex, polyester, nylon, and any similar material that’s non-absorbent. T-shirts with long sleeves and tights made of these materials may be worn into the pool if they are used specifically for swimming. These suits can be purchased at local bathing suit stores, sport stores or department stores
  • Undergarments may look similar to swimwear, but they do not serve the same function.
  • Thongs and transparent clothing are not permitted. Guests must wear swimwear that cover their private parts. Swimmers of all genders are required to wear an appropriate swimsuit bottom. 
  • The clothing must permit the individual to participate safely in the program. Every effort must be made to eliminate the risk of strangulation or being weighed down to the point of incapacitation.
  • Swimmers who are incontinent must wear snug fitting pants over a cotton diaper or suitable disposable swim pants or re-useable pool diaper. (example: Huggies Little Swimmers, Gabby's Pool Pant Diaper) Regular diapers are not permitted. Disposable swim diapers can be purchased at the front desk.
  • Aquatic staff will be accommodating to all patrons.

Weather policy

For your safety, we close the pool if any of the following conditions occur:

  • heavy rainfall
  • lightning or thunder

If in doubt, give us a call 519-741-2200 ext. 3481 to see if we are open.

In the neighbourhood

Harry Class outdoor pool is a part of Woodside Park.

Woodside Park also has two full-sized, FIFA quality, artificial turf multi-use sportsfields, which you can book for private use. Check our field conditions page to see if the sportsfields are open.