Kitchener is part of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, which means that some of the services that are provided to residents are the responsibility of the city and others are the responsibility of the region.

Residents pay taxes to both orders of government and both the city and the region have councils that set their individual budgets.

This chart outlines and provides quick links to some of the key areas of responsibility for the City of Kitchener and the Region of Waterloo. 

City of KitchenerRegion of Waterloo

Bylaw Enforcement

ParkingProperty Standards
Land Use Issues, Noise


Emergency Services

Fire Department



Business, Lottery

Taxis, LimousinesSalvage Yards
Second Hand Dealers and Shops


Municipal (those with blue signs) -Maintenancewinter control, and construction

Regional (those with green signs) - Maintenance, and Construction


Social Housing - Kitchener Housing

Regional Housing

Vital Statistics

Birth registrations, death registrations, marriage licenses

Disease ControlImmunization

Waste Management

Sewage collection, leaf collection

Landfill sites, Blue Box Recycling, Green bins, Garbage collectionYard Waste


Water distribution, Sanitary and Water Connections, Locates

Water and Wastewater


Community Services - ParksArenasCommunity CentresTrails

Transit,  Public Health, Social Services