A peaceful 30-minute walk along a woodchip surfaced trail through the woods of Williamsburg Cemetery.

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  5. About the trail
  6. Trail etiquette

COVID-19 updates

City of Kitchener parks and trails remain open

If you plan to enter a city-owned park, trail or open space in Kitchener, please follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a physical distance from other people of at least two metres or six feet, except for members of the same household
  • Masks are strongly recommended
  • Share the space on a trail – keep your visit short and try to avoid busier times
  • Keep moving – try to keep moving to let others also use the trail
  • Walk in your own neighbourhood
  • Leave if the park is crowded
  • Keep your dog on a leash when not using off-leash dog parks.
  • Wash or use hand sanitizer before eating or drinking and upon returning home.
  • Please only park in designated parking areas.
  • Be mindful of what you put in garbage bins. Only throw out what is required in the designated garbage bins.

NOTE: public washrooms are only available at limited facilities. It is recommended that you use the washroom before leaving home.

Under provincial guidelines, bylaw enforcement will enforce gatherings of those not living in the same household. If you notice gatherings larger than 10 people outdoors or groups not physical distancing, please call 519 741-2345.

To help ease parking congestion at McLennan Park, a temporary one way system has been implemented. Traffic should enter the park from Block Line and exit onto Ottawa Street. Please park in designated parking bays and, if parking is full, park in the Lions Arena parking lot.


Located in the north west corner of Williamsburg Cemetery, the trail is accessed from Fisher Hallman Road. Trails link south into neighbour neighbourhoods.

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Publicly accessible washrooms are available at Williamsburg when the cemetery is open.


There are benches and resting points along the trail and lots of wildlife to be seen and heard.

About the trail

One of our city's best-kept secrets is Trillium Woods trail - a scenic, peaceful pathway that offers walkers, hikers and runners access to a nearby natural forest and immeasurable beauty.

Set within Williamsburg Cemetery, Trillium Woods trail winds through the woods and over a quaint, wooden footbridge - providing about a 30-minute route, paved in bark chips.

Your path is marked by a series of historic farm artifacts, each featuring a unique story. Arthur Hewitt generously donated these pieces.

Trillium Woods features nature at its finest - from its blanket of beautiful trilliums in the spring, to one of its most popular guests - a Pileated Woodpecker - in the fall. No matter when you visit, you'll be reminded our city is made up of stunning spaces.

Trail etiquette

  • please keep to the trail and follow any directions on signs
  • Williamsburg is an area for quiet reflection for many people; please respect others when you visit
  • keep the right side of the trail as you move along it
  • keep dogs on leash and remember to pick up after them
  • do not use motorized vehicles (cars, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles) on the trail, and respect residents that live along the trail by proceeding quietly – particularly in the early morning or evening