The budget is our annual financial plan and allows city council to prioritize the programs and services we deliver. Our 2023 budget sets the direction for the work to be completed over the upcoming year.

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Average residential impact

For the average home in Kitchener, the approved rate increases for the 2023 budget are:

  • property taxes: 4.8% or $56 annually
  • water utilities (water, sanitary & stormwater): 4.5% or $42 annually

Our approved 2023 budget represents a combined annual increase of $98 for the average household, based on the average assessed value of $326,000 and annual water consumption of 170m3.

Budget overview

The approved 2023 budget addresses your priorities:

Supporting core service

We’re facing new economic realities, including skyrocketing inflation, cost increases due to supply chain issues and volatility in fuel costs due to the war in Ukraine.

Despite these challenges, staff have prepared a budget that maintains current service levels while balancing the need for reasonable rate increases. We use a two-year inflation average as a benchmark to establish whether a proposed rate increase is reasonable. The proposed 2023 increase of 4.8% is below the two-year average (5.2%) and well below the current rate of inflation (7%).

Responding to growth

Kitchener is a rapidly growing city. To accommodate this growth, we need to invest in capital infrastructure like roads, water mains, recreation facilities, active transportation networks and parks. Our proposed 2023 budget includes these necessary investments for residents to have a vibrant city where they can live, work and play. 

Investments for our community

In the proposed 2023 budget, there is $1.5 million available that council can allocate towards strategic investments. This funding is available due to electricity savings from the city-wide conversion to LED streetlights and additional investment income due to interest rate increases.

The investment options fall into the following themes:

  • housing for all
  • creating a green city
  • wellbeing and belonging

These options came from the initial feedback from the 2023-2026 strategic planning process.

Learn about municipal budgets

Check out these videos to learn more about our municipal budget:


Read the approved budget summary and appendix documents: