We provide public access to city data through our data catalogue. Visit the Kitchener GeoHub to explore the data, see maps and other projects that use this data, and determine how you can use these resources!

Visit the Kitchener GeoHub

On this page:

  1. About open data
  2. Data catalogue
  3. Feedback and ideas

About open data

By offering public access to our data, we can improve and enhance:

  • resident engagement
  • transparency
  • accountability

Open data is data that is freely available to the public in machine readable formats within the terms of our open data licence.

Data catalogue

Our data catalogue holds the data currently available for public access. We encourage you to explore the data sets.

Wherever possible, we provide data in multiple formats. We will add new data sets as they become available.

You can download the data as shapefiles for GIS applications, and as CSV for tables and spreadsheets. Advanced users may also integrate our data into other applications using the REST or GeoJSON API.

Feedback and ideas

Through your feedback, we will prioritize the data sets to be delivered.

Contact us to share your:

  • feedback on our open data portal
  • ideas for information that would be useful as open data
  • request for alternative formats or additional information on existing data sets

Send us an email to get in touch.