We have more than 40 affiliated minor sports clubs, ranging from fencing and badminton to soccer and hockey. These groups offer sports and activities to every skill level and interest.

Our minor sports programs rely on and are run by local volunteers, who serve as executive members, coaches, team managers, special-event organizers and fundraisers.

On this page:

  1. Ice sports
  2. Baseball, softball and t-ball
  3. Swimming and diving
  4. Other water sports
  5. Gymnastics
  6. Hockey – field and inline
  7. Soccer
  8. Football and rugby
  9. Outdoor winter sports
  10. Court sports
  11. Martial arts and boxing
  12. Accessible sports
  13. Other sports
  14. Councils and resources

Ice sports


Ice hockey


Baseball, softball and t-ball

Swimming and diving

Other water sports


Hockey – field and inline


Football and rugby

Outdoor winter sports

Court sports

Martial arts and boxing

Accessible sports

Other sports

Councils and resources

  • KW KidSport, 519-722-4399, ext. 7
  • KW Sports Council, 519-886-6918