Please do not litter. Take your trash home or look for a garbage bin in our parks and on streets to dispose of your trash. You can report litter if you see it in one of our parks.

On this page:

  1. Report park litter
  2. Help make Kitchener litter-free
  3. Litter reduction task force
  4. Plogging

Report park litter

If you see litter or garbage issues:

In either situation, please include a photo and a specific location.

Help make Kitchener litter-free

Together, we can make Kitchener a cleaner and more sustainable city for everyone.

Here are some ways to help around your neighbourhood:

Host a community clean-up

Bring your neighbours, coworkers or classmates together for a clean-up to make a big impact on your neighbourhood. We’re offering free clean-up supplies for groups who want to get involved.

Learn more and register your clean-up to get your supplies on the LoveMyHood website.

Pick up after your pet

One of the most common causes of litter in Kitchener is dog waste.

When you’re going out for a walk with your dog, please bring bags to pick up after them. Instead of leaving the bag on the ground, take it with you and put it in a public garbage can or throw it out when you get home.

Dogs are welcome at any of our parks and trails. Visit our dogs in parks and on trails page to learn more.

Reduce waste and reuse what you have at home

When you reduce the waste your household makes and make it a habit to reuse what you have, you’re less likely to litter when you’re out.

The Region of Waterloo has lots of tips to reduce waste and reuse what you have at home, including:

  • everyday waste reduction tips
  • ways to reduce food waste
  • tips for after holidays
  • a reduce, reuse and recycle database

Visit their website to find tips and tricks for reducing waste.

Litter reduction task force

We’re a part of a litter reduction task force, with the goal of:

  • addressing the growing concern of litter across the region
  • raise awareness about litter
  • change the behaviour of those who litter

The task force includes representatives from:

  • Region of Waterloo
  • City of Cambridge
  • City of Waterloo
  • Township of Wellesley
  • Waterloo Region District School Board
  • University of Waterloo
  • Conestoga College
  • Province of Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Learn about the Cure for Litter task force.


Plogging has come to Kitchener! Started in Sweden, plogging is where people jogging or walking on local trails take a bag and collect litter while they go. Plog’ers and Plogging groups are spreading across the world as a way of helping keep our trails clean while getting in your daily exercise.

Learn more about Plogging and how you can help.