Our staff team is made up of five departments who work together to bring you the services you count on every day. You can find contact information for all divisions in our staff directory.

On this page:

  1. Corporate structure
  2. CAO’s office
  3. Community services
  4. Corporate services
  5. Development services
  6. Financial services
  7. Infrastructure services

Corporate structure

The chief administrative officer (CAO) oversees the city’s five departments.

Each department has a general manager, who oversees the divisions within their department.

Our corporate leadership team is made up of the CAO and the five general managers.

CAO’s office

Our CAO is responsible to city council for the effective and efficient operation of the city. All city departments report to council through the CAO.

The CAO’s office oversees strategic plans and projects, including our corporate Strategic Plan.

Community services

Community services includes these services:

Corporate services

The corporate services department includes these services:

Development services

The development services department includes these services:

Financial services

Financial services includes these divisions:

Infrastructure services

The infrastructure services department includes these services: