Our municipal code outlines the rules on maintenance and occupancy that all property owners must follow. If you’ve noticed a property that does not meet these rules, file a property standards complaint or call 519-741-2345.

File a property standards complaint

On this page:

  1. Property standards guidelines
  2. When we get a complaint
  3. Appealing an order
  4. Failure to comply with an order

Property standards guidelines

Our main property standards are:

  • all structures must be sound, and all exterior walls and roofs are required to be free of water leaks, painted or otherwise treated, or waterproofed
  • all heating, plumbing and mechanical systems and elevating devices must be maintained and operate in good working order
  • residential occupancy must meet minimum requirements for ceiling heights, ventilation, potable water and an adequate supply of hot water
  • all exterior property areas shall be kept clear of inoperative vehicles and garbage

Find the full property standards in our municipal code.

When we get a complaint

Bylaw officers investigate property standard complaints. If we find a violation, we will issue a Notice of Violation or property standards order, explain the issue to the owner and require that it be fixed within a set period.

Appealing an order

You have the right to appeal an order to the Property Standards Committee if you do not think it is valid, as per our guidelines. The committee can uphold the order, rescind the order, or change the timeline of the order.

To appeal an order, download our notice of appeal form. After filling it out, send it and the non-refundable fee by registered mail or deliver both pieces to:

City of Kitchener
Legislated Services, Attention: Property Standards Appeal Committee Secretary
200 King Street West
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4G7

If your notice of appeal arrives after the date of appeal listed on the Order to Comply, it will not be processed. In this case, you will get the fee back.

Failure to comply with an order

If an owner fails to comply with a property standards order, we may take action to complete necessary repairs. Any costs associated with our work on the property will be applied to the tax roll of the property. We may also initiate legal action.

The maximum fine for non-compliance with a property standards order is $50,000 for an individual and $100,000 for a corporation.