Carl Zehr Square outside City Hall was built in 1993. We’re repairing, retrofitting or replacing the infrastructure to make it more durable and functional for the future.

On this page:

  1. Project overview
  2. Construction schedule

Project overview

The City Hall Outdoor Spaces Rehabilitation Project is the plan to improve infrastructure components at the site and surrounding streets and modernize the functionality and accessibility of the space.

In February 2020, council awarded a tender for the project. We’re repairing the parking garage waterproofing membrane, drainage infrastructure and surface paving. We will replace the ice rink and water feature.

Review these documents for more information:

Construction schedule

This project has two phases:

  1. Carl Zehr Square and College Street (completion Fall 2021)
  2. Duke Street and Young Street (completion 2022)

This work happened in 2020:

  • demolition of most existing infrastructure at Carl Zehr Square
  • repairs and waterproofing in the square

This work will happen in 2021:

  • refurbishing the upper terrace, ramp and stairs
  • installing the ice rink and water feature
  • replacing all finishes