Site certification is required for site plan projects. It ensures that the site plan has been completely implemented. The specific requirements for your project will be determined during an earlier part of the site plan process.

On this page:

  1. Inspection requirements for on-site works
  2. Site development works notification form
  3. Site deficiency form

Inspection requirements for on-site works

Our inspection requirements document explains the process required by staff for on-site certifications. It also identifies the expectations of the consultant working for the developer.

Site development works notification form

You will need to fill out a site development works notification form to closely reflect the on-site cost estimate. It accounts for the specific work that has been completed on-site, when the work is completed.

Please stamp and sign the form and send it to our engineering or planning staff based on the type of consultant certifying the site.

Site deficiency form

After their first on-site inspection, staff will fill out the site deficiency form.

We will identify deficiencies and send the form back to the consultant to fix or address the deficiencies.

Once everything listed on the deficiency form has been addressed by the consultant and accepted by the city, certification can be accepted and staff will begin the process to release the line of credit back to the developer.