Developers sometimes need to complete work on city or regional roads as part of their construction projects. Our off-site works process ensures that this work is done safely and to city standards. The agreement, application form and cost estimate are all required to obtain an off-site works permit.

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  1. Off-site works agreement
  2. Application
  3. Cost estimate
  4. Checklist

Off-site works agreement

Developers must hire a private contractor to complete work like servicing or asphalt on a City of Kitchener or Region of Waterloo right-of-way. This document outlines the process required to complete work within the municipal right-of-way.

This three-party agreement between the developer, engineering consultant and City of Kitchener ensures:

  • the design follows City of Kitchener or Region of Waterloo standards
  • that appropriate insurance coverage to work within city or regional property
  • full-time consultant inspection
  • the city or region is not liable for any issues during construction
  • the work will be carried out safely per Ontario Manual Book 7
  • a road occupancy permit will be obtained prior to work


To apply for an off-site works agreement, download our contact form. You will need to include information for the work being done within the municipal right-of-way and the key contacts for your project.

Cost estimate

The engineering consultant must complete the off-site works cost estimate, and a development engineering representative must verify the document. This estimate is signed by the engineering consultant and developer. Our engineering staff use the estimate to determine the fees and securities that will be needed.


Download our checklist to make sure you’re including all the necessary documents before your inspection. This will help make sure there are no issues with the work being completed.

Staff will reach out if we have concerns or need additional items before inspection and acceptance.