Kitchener Fire Truck with a hose attached

Visit our fire safety education page to find resources for kids, teenagers and caretakers. You can also use the links below to find information about fire safety.

Dalmatian plushie with a Kitchener Fire t-shirt
Activities for kids

Find free and fun activities on the NFPA's website.

Smoke alarm on the ceiling with smoke around it
Escape plans

Make and practice fire escape plans for every floor of your house.

Laundry dryer with lint in the lint trap
Fireproof your home

Learn how to identify and address common household fire risks.

Firefighters using a hose to spray water at a fire
Become a firefighter

Learn how to become a firefighter in Kitchener.

Visit our about Kitchener Fire page to find information about and contact information for Kitchener Fire Department.