Kiwanis park and pool is home to a lake-like outdoor pool, leash-free dog park, canoe launch and more.

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  6. Pool area
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  8. Swimming fees
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  10. Swim admission guidelines
  11. Pool closures and weather policy
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Contact information

Address: 1000 Kiwanis Park Drive

Phone number: 519-741-2200 ext. 3485

Email Kiwanis Park and Pool


Daily park hours: 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Daily swim times:

  • afternoon: 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • twilight: 3:30 to 7 p.m.


Free parking is available off Kiwanis Park Drive. There are accessible parking spaces near the entrance to the pool area.

There are no bike racks at Kiwanis Park and Pool.


Washrooms are available during pool hours.


Kiwanis Park has a playground, dog park and canoe launch. There are also athletic fields and beach volleyball courts. The park is open year-round, but Kiwanis Pool is only open in the summer.

There is an accessible swing seat at Kiwanis Park.

Dog park

Our leash-free dog park is a one kilometre walk from the pool and parking area. You do not need to pay to use the dog park.

Please keep your dog on its leash until you get in the dog park.


Our athletic fields and beach volleyball courts are available on a first come, first serve basis, or you can book ahead. You must bring your own equipment.

Learn more about field bookings.

Canoe launch

Bring your canoe to Kiwanis Park and enjoy a trip down the Grand River. You do not need to pay to use our canoe launch.

Look for Marsland Landing at Kiwanis Park on your navigation app.

Pool area

Our fenced pool area includes:

  • a lake-like pool
  • picnic tables

The Snack Shack is permanently closed. Outside food and drink is allowed at the pool. There are refreshment and snack vending machines on site. The vending machines do not take cash.

See upcoming swim times on a calendar

Pool area fees

We charge admission fees to use the fenced pool area, including our picnic tables and change rooms.

Flotation devices

You can use these flotation devices at Kiwanis Park:

  • lifejackets
  • noodles
  • puddle jumpers
  • water wings
  • flutterboards (not boogie boards)
  • uncovered 1-person baby boats
  • balls and small toys

We will allow other devices if:

  • they are smaller than 91 cm x 91 cm (3 feet x 3 feet)
  • there is visibility above the child in the flotation device
  • there are fewer than 100 guests at the pool
  • if the flotation device is being used for its intended purpose
  • the weather conditions are suitable

In extenuating circumstances, where safety is a concern, the lifeguards reserve the right to further restrict flotation devices to ensure the safety of our guests. Our lifeguards are responsible for the safety of all swimmers. Any obstruction to their view of the pool bottom and other swimmers will be restricted. If you have questions or require an accommodation, please see a staff member in the lifeguard hut.

Summer camp

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Swimming fees

We charge admission fees to use the fenced pool area, including our picnic tables and change rooms.

Single swim time fees

If you want to swim during a single block of time (see pool hours), you'll pay the fees below:

  • adults (18 to 54 years old): $6.62
  • children (0 to 17 years old) and seniors (over 55 years old): $4.42
  • family: $15.06

All day swim fees

If you want to swim all day or across multiple blocks of time on the same day (see pool hours), you'll pay the fees below:

  • adult (18 to 54 years old): $10.62
  • children (0 to 17 years old) and seniors (over 55 years old): $6.81
  • family: $24.15


We accept three-month passes, summer passes and books of tickets but do not sell them at Kiwanis park and pool. Visit one of our other outdoor or indoor pools to get your pass.

Swim admission guidelines

Open the accordions below to learn about our pool guidelines.

Pool rules
  • All bathers must obey instructions from the lifeguards
  • Posted Pool Rules and Health Regulations must be adhered to at all times
  • All bathers must shower before entering the pool area
  • No outdoor footwear on the pool deck
  • Walk carefully on the pool deck. The deck may be slippery
  • No diving
Age requirements

For swim admission purposes, a caregiver is defined as someone 12 years or older, responsible for the child.

A swimmer to caregiver ratio defines the number of swimmers that can be supervised by a caregiver. Example: (4:1 ratio) means four swimmers can be supervised by one caregiver.

Direct supervision means someone who is actively watching their child and can respond immediately to help their child.

  • under 10 years old: requires supervision
  • under 7 years old:
    • shallow side of the black line: your child must be directly supervised by their caregiver at all times (2:1 ratio)
    • deep side of the black line: your child must be within one arm's reach of the caregiver at all times (2:1 ratio)
  • 7 to 9 years who have not passed a swim test:
    • shallow side of the black line: your child must be directly supervised by the caregiver at all times (4:1 ratio or 8:1 ratio if all swimmers are wearing lifejackets)
    • deep side of the black line: your child must be within one arm's reach of the caregiver at all times (4:1 ratio or 8:1 ratio if all swimmers are wearing lifejackets)
  • 7 to 9 years who have passed a swim test: may swim unaccompanied on either side of the black line as long as a caregiver remains in the pool environment to supervise.


  • lifejackets may need to be supplied by swimmers as there is a limited supply at each facility
  • lifejackets may not be available at all programs
  • lifejackets must be the appropriate size for the swimmer and approved by Transport Canada
  • water wings, puddle jumpers or any other floatation devices are not acceptable as lifejackets
Deep end and swimmer safety
An aquatic staff member may request any swimmer attempts a swim test at any time. To ensure the safety of all swimmers, if at any point a swimmer exhibits any signs that they are tired or weak, aquatic staff may ask them to leave any deep area of a pool and return to the shallow area to attempt a swim test. This also includes anyone over the age of 10. It is up to the lifeguards on duty to allow swimmers to return to the deep area.
Health regulations
  • No person having a communicable disease or open sores on his or her body shall enter the pool
  • No person shall bring a glass container onto the deck or into the pool
  • No person shall pollute the water in the pool in any manner
  • Spitting, spouting of water, and blowing the nose in the pool or on the deck are prohibited
  • No person shall engage in boisterous play in or about the pool
  • The maximum number of bathers permitted on the deck and in the pool at any time is 1000
  • The emergency phone is located in the guard office
  • Head-first entries are not permitted
  • Any people with serious medical conditions must inform the lifeguard in the Lifeguard Office.
Spray feature rules
  • Swim clothing is required
  • Safety first – no running, pushing, or rough play
  • Be respectful – always show courtesy to fellow splash pad users and take turns
  • Supervised play is safe play – children under age 10 who have not passed a swim test must be supervised by an adult. Adults are responsible for their child’s safety at all times.
  • Food, tobacco, alcohol, and glass containers – not permitted in the splash pad area
  • Pets and animals – not permitted in the splash pad area
  • Stash the trash – leave the splash pad area clean; place garbage in the containers provided
  • Weather – for your safety, when there is thunder or lightning, leave the splash pad area immediately
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, and bikes – not permitted in the splash pad area
  • Health – people with communicable disease, open sores, skin infections, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea are not permitted to use the splash pad.
  • Water not intended for drinking
  • For maintenance related concerns please alert the lifeguards
  • Surface can get slippery. Footwear is recommended
  • Blocking drains and allowing water to “pool” in the spray features contributes to unsafe playing conditions. Please ensure that no blockages occur in the spray features during your visit.
  • Children of all abilities and ages are welcome to play together at these spray features. There are elements of risk in using the spray features that can be reduced by acting responsibly and by complying with these regulations.
  • The splash pad is supervised by lifeguards. All bathers must obey the instructions of the lifeguards 
Pets and animals
  • Pets and animals are not permitted in the pool or spray features area
  • All pets must remain on a leash
Food and beverages
  • No food or beverages are allowed on the deck, in the pool, or spray feature area
  • No person shall bring a glass container onto the deck or into the pool
Stereos and music
  • Those who wish to use small stereos or un-amplified musical instruments as part of their event must secure written permission from the Park Supervisor at least two weeks prior to the date of their rental.
  • Larger PA systems are not permitted.
  • On-site City of Kitchener staff reserve the right to decide what level of volume is acceptable.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited at Kiwanis Park. if guests are found with alcohol will be asked to leave the park.
  • City Security and Waterloo Regional Police will be notified.

Swim admission test

To provide a safe and enjoyable aquatic environment, we've established a facility swim test standard to help evaluate participants’ swimming ability. This test is used in conjunction with the Wristband Identification Program.

Open the accordions below to learn about the swim admission test.

Swim test assessment

The requirements of the patron are to demonstrate comfort in the water and swim on their front for 20 metres in the designated swim test area of the pool. The swim test will also include a change in direction.

To properly assess a participant’s swimming ability, aquatic staff must observe the following during the swim test:

  • no touching of the bottom or wall of the pool
  • completion of the entire distance comfortably and confidently
  • swimmer’s body must be positioned horizontal and near the surface
  • continuous swimming with no stopping or resting at any point
  • strong forward movement throughout
  • an open water change of direction
  • swimmer’s ability to submerge face under water
  • swimmer’s ability to take a breath while swimming
Swim Card

Children between 7 and 9 years old, who successfully complete the swim test, will receive a swim test card. Swimmers must present their swim test cards to receive a green band before admission to a recreation swim.

Wristband Identification Program

Upon entry to a pool, visitors 0 to 9 years old will be given a coloured wristband to help staff identify their swimming ability. The colours are defined as follows:

Red band

  • children 0 to 6 years old must be accompanied and within arm’s reach of caregiver.
  • caregiver ratio 2:1

Yellow band

  • children 7 to 9 years old are assumed to be non-swimmers and must be accompanied and within arm’s reach of caregiver
  • caregiver ratio 4:1 without lifejackets
  • caregiver ratio 8:1 with lifejackets for all children

Green band

  • children 7 to 9 years old who have passed the Swim Admission Test may swim unaccompanied
  • caregiver must remain in the pool environment to supervise.

Blue band

  • all swimmers 10 years and older will get a blue wristband to show that they have paid admission to the pool

Pool closures and weather policy

Pool closures during a program

If staff need to close the pool during a program, we’ll issue a credit in these ways:

  • pre-registered programs: credit to ActiveNet account
  • drop-in programs: complimentary pass, see pool entrance staff

We will not issue refunds or credits if you choose to leave due to light rain or cool weather.

Weather policy

For your safety, we’ll close the pool in these situations:

  • heavy rainfall
  • lightning or thunder

We will keep the pool will remain closed for 30 minutes after staff hear the last bolt or lightning or sound of thunder.

If in doubt, call us to check if we are open.


You can rent space at Kiwanis Park and Pool for meetings or events. Rates are per hour and include HST.

  • Tim Hortons shelter: $30.77 per hour, including HST
  • Beachside shelter: $60.03 per hour, including HST
  • volleyball court rental: $30.16 per hour, including HST
  • rental guest admission fee into Kiwanis Park is separate

Note that when booked after business hours a three-hour minimum rental is required and additional staff charges will apply.

Depending on the nature of your event other rental costs can include:

  • Resound and SOCAN fees
  • insurance
  • licensing

If you're interested in booking this facility or getting a more detailed quote, please complete the inquiry form to tell us more about your event. Staff will confirm the details of your event with you before finalizing the booking.